FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new features: FUT Moments, Chemistry changes, stadium customization

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is shaking up the franchise’s most popular mode with a number of key changes, including a reworked Chemistry system. Here’s everything new in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

As the last entry in the series before its rebranded, football fans have lofty expectations that FIFA 23 will deliver on all fronts. Crossplay is finally being implemented from day one, and both Career Mode and Pro Clubs are receiving substantial new additions.

Now, all eyes are on Ultimate Team, as EA have announced all of the fresh features and additions they can expect in the game’s most lucrative mode.

We’ve broken down everything new in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team right here.


FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: New Chemistry system

Arguably the marquee change in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the introduction of a new Chemistry system, scrapping the links that we’ve seen in the mode for over a decade. Instead, players in the starting 11 can earn Chem from any teammate, regardless of where they are on the pitch.

This means that having a goalkeeper and striker who both play for the same team will boost their respective Chemistry ratings, even though they are at opposite ends of the formation.

Players and squads will now be awarded a star rating out of three, instead of the usual number out of 10 the 100. Heroes and Icons still provide huge advantages, counting as the equivalent of two players from their league or nation respectively.

Chemistry will boost stats as it always has, but there is no longer any penalty for not linking players together, so the attributes listed on the card are the absolute minimum that can be achieved. All-in-all, this should make building teams more flexible than ever before.

Van Dijk in FIFA 23
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: FUT Moments

Those looking to play FUT in single player and still earn rewards will now have a new alternative to Squad Battles thanks to FUT Moments. This fresh addition to the Ultimate Team catalog presents fans with a number of short scenarios, broken up into campaigns focused on a well-known player, team, or tournament.

Each one requires FUT users to complete in-game challenges, ranging from coming from behind to win a game or scoring a specific type of goal to recreate a classic moment. Completing these objectives earns stars which can be exchanged in the Star Gallery for packs, players, and loan items.

FUT Moments will be its own live service away from the wider Ultimate Team seasons, meaning rewards will refresh at different times. Stars can even be saved up throughout the year if you want to wait for more valuable prizes.

There will be a handful of FUT Moments campaigns at launch, with more set to drop over the course of FIFA 23’s lifespan.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Stadium customization

This year’s FUT is also bringing a plethora of new stadium customization options to help bring even more personality to FUT matches. Home grounds can now be kitted out with animated tifos, banners, and trophies earned through objectives and season progress.

Stadiums can also be applied with themes that change the color of the lighting around the pitch, bringing an extra level of individuality to every home and away match.

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