EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry explained: Women’s football, Icon changes, more

Ryan Lemay
Erling Haaaland in EA FC 24

Women footballers and changes to ICON links add an extra wrinkle to creating a squad with full chemistry in Ultimate Team. Here is everything you need to know about EA FC 24’s chemistry system.

FIFA 23 drastically shook up how chemistry works in Ultimate Team by doing away with links. For years, players could only get chemistry from players directly next to each other in a specific formation. The new chemistry system allowed cards from any position to get chemistry if they were from the same league or nation.

EA advertised the new innovation as a way to grant players more freedom when crafting their dream team. However, some community members slammed the devs for making building squads more “restrictive” than ever.

The devs haven’t revealed every chemistry system change coming to EA SPORTS FC 24 but shared a few new features.

EA FC 24 chemistry changes explained

Women’s footballers are coming to Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 for the first time in series history. Men and women can play on the same pitch and can also get chemistry with each other.

All men and women players can be linked in your squad through chemistry links in FC 24. The link can be created through shared nationalities and clubs.

This means that any player with France nationality, both men and women, can be linked in your squad. Similarly, Chelsea F.C. Women’s Sam Kerr can have a green link with Chelsea men’s Christopher Nkunku.

Chiesa in EA Sports FC 24

Some community members also raised issues over how ICONS worked in FIFA 23’s chemistry system. Icons counted as two players from their nation. FC 24 improves how icons contribute to a squad’s chemistry.

All icons in FC 24 will now give a chemistry link to all the leagues available in the game.

That’s everything we know so far about Ultimate Team chemistry. For more, be sure to head over to our EA SPORTS FC homepage to stay up to date with the latest news and guide.