How many people play FIFA 23? Player count tracker (September)

Killian Mbappe in FIFA 23 promo screen.EA SPORTS

While there’s no doubt that it’s the biggest game in the football world, how many people play FIFA 23 across the world? We’ve got a monthly player counter that will answer that question all year long.

FIFA 23 is the final game in the series before the switch to EA Sports FC becomes official and fans are already pouring into get a feel for the newest entry in the legendary franchise.

While competitors have come and gone over the years, FIFA has long been king of the hill in the world of football games and this year is no different. Although the gap between titles like eFootball and similar challengers has grown smaller, here’s how many people are still loyal to the name-brand sport sim.

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How many people play FIFA 23? Monthly player counter

The official numbers may not be available for some time, but according to SteamDB, nearly 50,000 players had loaded up the game prior to the Early Access period (on Steam only). The official number was around 49,700 but will likely grow as more fans get access to the new release.

However, considering that the game launched on old-gen and new-gen consoles as well, the actual number of online players is guaranteed to be far higher than that PC-exclusive report.

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FIFA 23 updateEA Sports
The early access period officially starts on September 27 for Ultimate Edition owners.

This popularity may also be boosted by new promotional efforts, like the inclusion of fictional footie team AFC Richmond from Apple’s ‘Ted Lasso’ streaming series, and the fact that EA accidentally sold the game for roughly six cents on India’s version of the Epic Games store.

It’s still early days and FIFA 23 will only continue to grow throughout the year, so be sure to check back in regularly to stay up to date with the newest developments.

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