How many people play Valorant? Player count tracker: 2024

Connor Knudsen
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Valorant is in its fourth year now, and the game continues to bring in millions of players, thanks to regular updates and meta changes from Riot Games. In case you’re wondering how many people still play Valorant, our estimated player count will give you all the latest figures for July 2024.

Valorant, the hero shooter equivalent of Counter-Strike by Riot Games, is bringing in more and more active players every month. Keeping the momentum going for almost three years now, the game continues to thrive. But exactly how many people play Valorant in July 2024?

Before detailing the Valorant player count, it’s worth noting that there’s no definitive answer as the developers are yet to share the true player count. However, we can provide an estimate of the game’s popularity.

How many people play Valorant?

Valorant hit an estimated total of well over 20 million active players throughout June 2024, according to Tracker Network.

Just over 20 million players have jumped into at least one game of Valorant over the past 30 days, which is more than 1.79 million compared to May’s player count based on the available data.

According to Riot Games, in an article by Bloomberg, they recorded 28 million monthly players, with 70% of the player base being Gen Z.

Despite the release of Counter-Strike 2, Valorant continues to perform well, attracting over four million active daily players.

While these numbers are just an estimate, with the data being taken from a number of players tracked by Tracker Network, these are seriously impressive numbers for Valorant, especially since it’s coming up to its third year since release.

The future of Valorant

Valorant shows no signs of slowing down in the near, or far, future.

Riot Games has proven its ability to produce and support its games reliably, with the tactical FPS shooter genre standing the test of time.

Deadlock holding a Phantom in Valorant's Fracture map
Deadlock is the 5th Sentinel in Valorant.

As the esport continues to take shape, more Tracker Network and maps are continuously being added, and major influencers like Shroud and tarik continue to support the game, there’s no reason that esports and gaming fans alike shouldn’t have Valorant on their radar of top games throughout 2024.

We will continue to update this chart as numbers change throughout the year, so stay tuned to see how your favorite tactical FPS stacks up against the competition!

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