How many people play Battlefield 2042? Player count in 2022

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Battlefield 2042 had a rocky start, but the game appears to be on a slightly better trajectory after three successful Season updates. How many people are playing Battlefield 2042? Here’s all we know about the Battlefield 2042 player count.

Invisibility glitches, sky swimming, and overpowered Hovercrafts all contributed to a less-than-ideal launch for Battlefield 2042. EA’s experienced franchise is always considered a major rival to Call of Duty and Halo, and BF 2042 hasn’t quite lived up to the promise.

So we’ve sifted through the data to try and see just how many people are playing Battlefield 2042 in 2022. Not only that, but we’ll line these numbers up against some recent Battlefield games too.

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Just to be clear, there is no true data aggregator that can find the live numbers for a game on all platforms. Instead, Steam Charts will represent a percentage of the whole segment using PC figures.

Updated December 5, 2022, with updated player count information.

What’s Battlefield 2042’s player count in 2022?

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Season 2’s release helped slightly bolster the struggling game’s player count.

Battlefield 2042’s average player count in the last 30 days was 7791, showing an increase of 2000 or so since this page was last updated.

However, when we compare this figure to the game’s first month, you can still see the drop-off. The first month of Battlefield 2042’s November 19 release saw an all-time peak of 100,590 concurrent players, and by the end of its first 30 days, it was down to 20,075 on average.

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Still, these stats are just for Steam, and with the game arriving on Xbox Game Pass in November, there’s every chance it’s going to see a player spike not measured by Steam Charts.

Even though these figures only reveal Steam’s traffic, the general consensus would probably certify that this is how things have gone for Battlefield 2042 across all platforms it was released on.

How does the Battlefield 2042 player count compare to other BF games?

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EA and DICE need to fight off bugs and glitches to attract more players to the game.

Before Battlefield 2042’s release, Battlefield 4 saw a huge increase in its active players, causing more servers to be needed. But now that Battlefield 2042 is already in decline, Battlefield V has welcomed a similar boost.

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As it stands, Battlefield V is drawing more concurrent players and so is Battlefield 1, which must be an ongoing concern for Battlefield 2042.

So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s player count thus far in 2022. about Take a look at some of our other Battlefield 2042 guides and content:

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