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How many people play Battlefield 5? Player count in 2021

Published: 18/Oct/2021 13:34

by Alex Garton


DICE’s 2018 FPS title Battlefield 5 is approaching its third anniversary, but how many people play the game in 2021?

With Battlefield 2042 set to release on November 19, DICE is taking the first-person shooter franchise back to the modern era.

However, as the game hasn’t arrived just yet and players are desperate to scratch their Battlefield itch, a lot of the community are returning to Battlefield V.

Despite receiving a lot of criticism at release, the WWII shooter has been polished over the years and has a dedicated community who jump into the action every single day.

But, how many people play Battlefield 5 in 2021? And will the population take a hit when Battlefield 2042 arrives?


Battlefield 5 Soldier tank
Battlefield 5 was released all the way back in 2018.

What’s Battlefield 5’s player count in 2021?

Although Battlefield 5 doesn’t rival other massive FPS titles like Warzone and Apex Legends with its player count, it still has a healthy-sized community of players.

According to, there’s been an estimated average of 30,011 monthly players on Battlefield 5 throughout the end of September and the beginning of October. However, the active player count on October 18 was estimated to be at 62,055, which is a massive increase.

Not only that, the amount of players has gone up over 10% since the beginning of October, which suggests the Battlefield community is gearing up for the new game arriving in  November.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Battlefield 5 is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, and Steam, so the title is available on a variety of platforms.


Battlefield 5 WWII AR
Battlefield 5 is available on EA Access.

Will Battlefield 2042 kill Battlefield 5?

While Battlefield 5’s population will take a hit after the release of Battlefield 2042, it’s likely the game’s player count will stabilize after a few months.

As the latest installment is based in the modern era and is completely different from Battlefield 5, the changes won’t be enjoyed by everyone, and a lot of players will continue to play DICE’s WWII shooter.

In the long run, there’s always the possibility that Battlefield 5 loses steam and its community disbands, but for the time being, the game is still pulling in thousands of players every month.