Ninja disappears off Twitter hours after “big things are coming” message

Ninja / Twitter, Instagram

Streaming superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has disappeared on Twitter, leaving fans puzzled after a mysterious tweet and ‘user not found’ on his profile.

Ninja is one of the biggest names in gaming. With over 18M followers on Twitch, the 31-year-old streamer has made his mark in the industry.

The superstar left fans completely baffled on September 1 with a very cryptic tweet stating he’ll be taking a break, and doesn’t know when he’ll be back or where.

“I just need a break…I don’t know when I will be back, or where,” the popular streamer wrote.

Shortly after, Ninja then removed his profile picture and updated his name on Twitter to ‘User Not Found’, leaving fans questioning where he’s gone.

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Making the situation even more bizarre, the streamer tweeted just two hours earlier that “big things” were coming, along with a link to his Twitch page.

On August 25, Ninja revealed that a scheduled call with YouTube was canceled. It’s unclear what the call was for, or why it was canceled, but fans speculated that the star would be signing an exclusive deal with the Google-owned platform.

Ninja returned to streaming on Twitch two years ago, just a year after signing a first-of-a-kind exclusive streaming deal with Mixer.

Given the timeline, this could mean that Ninja’s contract with Twitch came to an end sometime in August 2022.

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Looking at the streamer’s page on Twitch, it also looks like he’s lost his partnership status, alluding that he may have left the platform.

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