Top 10 most viewed female Twitch streamers in March 2024

Alan Bernal

As more and more people are turning to platforms like Twitch to try their luck in becoming popular streamers, only a lucky few manage to reach the top. Here are the top 10 most viewed female streamers on Twitch.

Twitch continues to be one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. Although they’ve gotten more competition from other platforms, users are still eager to become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

As some of the biggest streamers, including Amouranth and Valkyrae, have chosen to leave the platform in the past few years to instead stream on Kick or YouTube, the top spots for most viewed female Twitch streamers have been wide open for someone else to take over.

While there’s plenty of talent that takes the top spots in Twitch overall, we’re seeing a growing list of women who are claiming their stake on the most-watched charts.

Here are the top 10 most-watched female Twitch streamers in the last month.

Most watched female Twitch streamers (March 2024)

VTuber Ironmouse has been climbing the list of one of the most popular streamers on the platform, and is officially the most-watched female streamer on Twitch, with viewers having watched her for over 2 million hours this past month.

All stats courtesy of StreamCharts.

ironmouse2,046,018 hours254 hours32,665
Kyedae1,457,005 hours137 hours46,648
mira1,391,480 hours714 hours3,223
Jinnytty1,286,274 hours224 hours10,347


1,107,279 hours261 hours14,356
Zentreya1,098,838 hours225 hours8,690
rivers_gg1,076,251 hours66 hours39,739
ExtraEmily1,043,774 hours89 hours19,141
IJenz1,000,082 hours710 hours3,557
Emiru945,358 hours51 hours42,840

After a big gap from Ironmouse’s hours watched, streamers Kyedaw and Mira have been collecting views as well, as well. They’re second and third place on the list, respectively, with close to 1.4 million hours viewed each.

The next person on the list is South Korean streamer Jinnytty, who often makes irl streams, where her one million subscribers can follow her around in her life.

However, Twitch recently stopped its operations in South Korea due to “prohibitively expensive” operating costs, which means that a lot of South Korean streamers might have to move to different platforms.

ExtraEmily also made the list of the top 10 most viewed female streamers on the platform, with over one million hours streamed in the past month, as fans enjoy watching her going about her life.

There’s been plenty of people picking up steam on Twitch as of late, which could see some interesting changes in next month’s batch of data.