Kai Cenat overtakes xQc in Twitch followers with Ninja up next

Dylan Horetski
Kai Cenat overtakes xQc in Twitch

Kai Cenat has passed xQc in Twitch followers to become the 2nd most followed streamer from North America and fifth most followed worldwide.

The Twitch star has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, breaking various records on the platform while amassing millions of followers.

Fans celebrated Cenat reaching 10 million followers on his channel in May 2024, which put him into the top 10 most followed creators on Twitch.

Kai Cenat has continued growing since then and now reached over 12M followers, surpassing Twitch stars xQc, TheGrefg, Shroud, and more.

According to Sullygnome, Kai has 12,061,413 followers at the time of writing. This puts him just over 60k above xQc and makes him the second most followed US-based streamer, right behind Ninja with 19M.

However, it won’t be long until Kai gets closer to Ninja’s spot as the most followed streamer. Between June 10 and July 10, Cenat gained nearly 1.2 million followers, while Ninja grew just under 20,000. This means he’s growing much faster and could quickly take over as the most followed Twitch streamer in just a matter of months.

Overall, he’s sitting at number five. Spanish stars Rubius, Ibai, and Auronplay sit between Kai and Ninja with between 15 and 17 million followers each.

Kai has held massive streams over the last couple of months, including a 166-hour marathon in which he played through FromSoftware’s ultra-hard title Elden Ring, dying almost 2000 times in the process.

He topped Twitch viewer charts during that marathon, with over 86,000 average viewers on stream towards the end of it.

On June 10, 2024, Kai shattered his previous viewership record during a sleepover stream with over 712K viewers. The stream featured Kevin Hart, Druski, and even a phone call to NBA star Lebron James.

He collaborated with YouTube star MrBeast on July 3, and the two set off a massive amount of fireworks in what appeared to be Kai’s room in the AMP house.

They later revealed that it was all just a prank, and that MrBeast had built a fake version of the room for the viral stream. However, it almost ended in disaster as Kai later revealed that Twitch threatened to hit him with a ban for dangerous activities.