How to get Silver Leaves & Silver Ash in Destiny 2 Solstice event

Kurt Perry
Sunlit Armor from Destiny 2 with Silver Leaves and Silver Ash on left side.

Destiny 2’s Solstice event is back again giving players the opportunity to hunt down event-exclusive weapons and acquire high stat armor. To achieve the latter you’ll need to learn how to farm Silver Leaves and Silver Ash, and we’ve got you covered.

The Solstice event returns bringing with Destiny 2’s first Strand Rocket Launcher, the Crowning Duologue. In addition to the new gun and new rolls for returning weapons, this event also offers players the opportunity to farm top-tier armor.

But getting that high-roll armor isn’t quite as simple as queuing into an activity and hoping you get lucky. Instead, you’ll need to take advantage of a few event-specific mechanics.

Here’s how to get Silver Leaves and Silver Ash in Destiny 2 so that you can acquire some fantastic armor rolls.


How to get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2

Silver Leaves are acquired by completing activities while wearing the seasonal Sunlit armor set. This includes Crucible, Gambit, Lost Sectors, Strikes, and most open-world events.

You can obtain Silver Leaves at maximum efficiency while only having one piece of Sunlit armor equipped. Therefore it is advised to only use one piece of Sunlit armor and keep your regular armor for the other slots.

Being rewarded Silver Leaves for completing a Nightfall Strike in Destiny 2.
Silver Leaves can be earned by completing activities like Nightfalls.

How to get Silver Ash in Destiny 2

Silver Ash is acquired by completing the Bonfire Bash seasonal activity while having Silver Leaves and wearing the seasonal Sunlit armor set. This activity can be accessed by entering the playlist found in The Tower, just north of the Courtyard.

Unlike with Silver Leaves, it’s important that you are wearing as many Sunlit armor pieces as possible when completing Bonfire Bash. Each piece of Sunlit armor worn increases the amount of Silver Leaves you can convert per run.

Unfortunately, equipping the Sunlit armor as an ornament does not count. So we recommend either wearing four Sunlit armor pieces with an Exotic of choice or just temporarily sacrificing your build and running all five Sunlit armor pieces.

What does Silver Ash do in Destiny 2?

Silver Ash can be used to re-roll acquired Sunlit armor during the Solstice event. At the cost of 20 Silver Ash for tier 1, 40 Silver Ash for tier 2, and 60 SIlver Ash for tier 3, armor can be re-rolled to try and obtain high stats and desirable spikes.

Players can reroll their Sunlit armor by viewing armor details, hovering over the Solstice Embers Mod slot, and finally applying the Silver Ash. However, you’ll first need to use Kindling to unlock higher tiers which we have a dedicated guide on.

This is an effective method of obtaining high stat roll armor for less experienced players or those looking to create a new build.

The Sunlit Armor reroll mod slot to use Silver Ash on in Destiny 2.
The Sunlit armors unique Mod slot can be used to reroll its stats for Silver Ash.

That’s everything you need to know about Silver Leaves & Silver Ash in Destiny 2. For more tips & tricks check out some of our other content:

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