How to farm high stat armor in Destiny 2

Kurt Perry
Hunter guardian wearing Season of Defiance armor set with high armor stats rolls on left side in destiny 2.

Armor is one of the most important aspects of any Destiny 2 build but figuring out how to get good rolls can be difficult. To help you get the best rolls possible we’ve put together these tips on how to farm high stat armor in Destiny 2.

As fun as it is to track down and farm unique and powerful weapons for your build, that only goes so far. Even the best weapons in Destiny 2 have their limits.

To enhance these guns further and get the absolute most out of a class it’s critical to also farm top-tier armor rolls that provide optimal stats. Only then will your build truly shine and be able to conquer the hardest content that Destiny has to offer.

Here’s how to get and farm high stat armor in Destiny 2, including tips on how to get more consistent rolls in the future.


Destiny 2 Hunter wearing high stat armor with two stats at 100 and another over 90.
With good armor and the right build, it’s possible to get some incredible stats in Destiny 2.

How to farm high stat armor in Destiny 2

For most builds, it is highly recommended to use the Discipline Armorer Ghost Mod when farming Armor rolls. Due to quirks in Destiny 2’s drop mechanics, this improves the chance of receiving favorable armor rolls.

The only exception to this is if your build is more reliant on Intellect or Strength, in which case use the Ghost Mods for those stats instead. It is almost never worth using mods for Mobility, Resilience, or Recovery.

The best armor not only has a high stat total (60+) but also has those values spiked in desirable areas. For example, an armor piece with 28 Resilience and 2 Mobility is usually better than one with 18 Resilience and 12 Mobility.

Listed below are all of the best activities for you to complete in order to get and farm high stat armor rolls:

Focusing seasonal Engrams

By far the most effective way to farm high stat armor in Destiny 2 is to focus seasonal Engrams at the HELM. For Season of the Deep, this can be done using Deep Engrams and Defiant Engrams.

Accessing this requires the premium Season Pass, which can either be purchased for 1,200 Silver or accessed if you own the Lightfall + Annual Pass. Furthermore, you’ll need to unlock Armor Focusing by completing the following in-game challenges:

  • Deep Engram Armor Focusing: “Obtain a full set of the Season of the Deep armor.”
  • Defiant Engram Armor Focusing: “Acquire the ‘Defiant Armor Focusing’ upgrade at the War Table.”

Once you’ve gained access to armor focusing, simply use the seasonal engrams acquired via a range of activities to roll for armor. It costs one Engram per random armor roll and two Engrams to roll for a specific armor piece.

Deep Engram armor focusing in the HELM on Destiny 2.
Seasonal Engrams can be focused into high stat roll armor in Destiny 2.

Acquiring Artifice Armor

Artifice Armor can be acquired as a drop from completing encounters in Master difficulty dungeons. Artifice Armor tends to produce spiky high stat rolls that are perfect for optimal build crafting

What makes Artifice Armor so good is that it comes with an additional slot where Guardians can gain +3 in any stat of their choice. Will a full set of Artifice Armor you can gain +15 in a stat or even split the extra stats to make it easier to reach higher tiers.

The only downside is that you will need a fireteam to efficiently farm dungeons and only the featured weekly dungeon can be played on Master difficulty.

Artifice Hunter Cloak with extra +3 Mobility to reach higher tier in Destiny 2.
Artifice Armor provides additional stats to truly optimize your build.

Completing Raids

Raiding is another high-level PvE activity that can reward players with favorable armor rolls. Every encounter across all seven available Raids has a chance of dropping a unique Armor item that will often come with high stats.

An additional bonus of Raid armor is that it comes with an additional Raid Mod armor slot. These slots can be used to equip Raid-exclusive Mods that can give your build a different dynamic.

These are all of the unique Raid Armor sets that are currently available in Destiny 2:

  • Kentarch 3 (Garden of Salvation)
  • Legacy’s Oath (Deep Stone Crypt)
  • Hazen Lords, Kabr, & Zealot (Vault of Glass)
  • Resonant Fury (Vow of the Disciple)
  • Darkhollow, War Numen’s, Wormlore (King’s Fall)
  • Agony, Detestation, & Trepidation (Root of Nightmares)

Exotic Decoding at Master Rahool

New to Season of the Deep, Guardians can visit Rahool in The Tower to focus Exotic Engrams to receive high star roll Exotic armor pieces.

Focusing a piece of Exotic Armor with Rahool requires the following:

  • x1 Exotic Engram
  • x60,000 Glimmer
  • x3 Ascendant Shards
  • x1 Exotic Cipher
  • The desired Exotic must have been acquired as a drop at least once

This is an expensive method but a worthwhile one for players who have access to efficient Ascendant Shard farming. Rather than relying on RNG and completing Lost Sectors, this method guarantees you great rolls on the exact Exotic you need.

Focusing FR0ST-EE5 Exotic Hunter armor using Master Rahool in Destiny 2.
It’s costly, but Rahool’s Exotic Focusing is a great way of getting the Exotic Armor roll you want.

That’s all of the effective methods to farm high stat armor rolls in Destiny 2 as of Season of the Deep. For more useful tips and tricks consider checking out some of our other guides:

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