How to get The Witcher emblem in Destiny 2: Never Lost, Always Found unlock guide

Kurt Perry
Never Lost, Always Found witcher emblem in destiny 2 with game logos

As part of the Destiny 2 + The Witcher collab, Season of the Wish has introduced a new The Witcher-themed emblem for players to earn. Here’s how to get the Never Lost, Always Found emblem in Destiny 2.

One of the biggest parts of Season of the Wish is The Witcher collaboration event which has introduced a variety of cosmetics. Be it the three awesome Witcher-themed armor sets or the new ship, emote, finisher, and sparrow – there’s plenty for players to show off.

One of the most desirable Witcher-themed cosmetics added in Season 23 is the new Never Lost, Always Found emblem. This trendy emblem can be earned in-game and this is our breakdown on how to get it.

How to get The Witcher emblem in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

The Never Lost, Always Found Witcher emblem can be acquired in Destiny 2 by completing the Swords and Signs seasonal triumph.

Completing the Swords and Signs seasonal triumph requires players to do the following:

  • Defeat 100 targets with Swords
  • Defeat 100 targets with Solar Melee Abilities
Swords and Signs triumph in Destiny 2.
Completing the Swords and Signs triumph rewards the Witcher emblem in Destiny 2.

While the Sword final blows are easy enough, the second task will take some time. To complete this as fast as possible it is advised to use a Solar Melee ability with a fast recharge time such as Knife Trick for Hunter, Throwing Hammer for Titan, and Incinerator Snap for Warlock.

Equally, it’s recommended to use Armor mods that reduce melee cooldowns like Melee Kickstart, Momentum Transfer, and Invigoration. Maximising your Strength stat will speed up the process of completing the triumph too.

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