Destiny 2 Lightfall: All known exotics in the latest expansion

Liam Ho
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Destiny 2’s Lightfall has dropped a whole new range of desirable exotics for guardians to acquire and play around with. So we’re going to give you a rundown on everything we know about the exotics that arrived in Destiny 2’s newest expansion – Lightfall.

Exotic weapons are a huge aspect of Destiny 2’s gameplay, and with Lightfall releasing in Destiny 2, we’ve got some fantastic new ones to toy around with. From powerful weapons to unique armor pieces with special effects, there’s plenty on offer here for new and experienced Destiny 2 players alike.

As you would expect, a good number of these exotics will likely be given to the player either through exotic quests or for finishing the campaign. But it will be no surprise to hardened Destiny fans that some hard work will also be required to obtain several other ones.

Now that Destiny 2: Lightfall has gone live, it’s a good idea to brush up on what exotics are out there and available to grab.


Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics

Lightfall Exotic Weapons

Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

Quicksilver Storm was the preorder bonus for Lightfall, it’s a kinetic auto rifle that has an alternate firing mode that shoots grenades out. It’s been available since Destiny 2’s Season of the Plunder.

destiny 2 quicksilver storm
Quicksilver Storm will be receiving its new catalyst in Lightfall.

In Lightfall, Quicksilver Storm received a catalyst that creates a “Tangle” on grenade kill. Tangles are similar to that of the Transmutation Spheres created by Ruinous Effigy, they’re tangible objects that can be picked up by the player and thrown for damage. They can also be shot at, causing them to explode and deal damage in a small radius around them.

Final Warning (Strand Sidearm)

The newest exotic we received in Lightfall is the Strand Sidearm Final Warning. This is the first Strand weapon introduced into Destiny 2 along a similar vein to Salvation’s Grip.

final warning destiny 2 exotic sidearm
Final Warning is the new Strand Sidearm released with Lightfall.

Final Warning is able to mark targets within range while storing up bullets, and then release them all at once at the marked targets. A fully charged burst will also unravel targets.

Final Warning also has two different modes, one for hipfire and the other for aiming down sights. Hipfire increases body shot damage, whilst ADS has a higher velocity and will deal bonus critical hit damage.

This exotic can be obtained via completing the exotic quest from the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes. However, this exotic quest is only unlocked after gathering all the Strand fragments and grenades, meaning players will have to farm Strand Meditations.

Deterministic Chaos (Void LMG)

Deterministic Chaos is a brand new void LMG. This Void heavy machine gun will fire like a regular one but will grant debuffs based on the type of bullet you fired. Every fourth shot will Weaken enemies hit by the bullet, whilst every sixteen shots will fire a round that makes enemies Volatile. Volatile enemies explode while being hit and on death and is obviously a game-changer in the middle of conflict.

deterministic chaos destiny 2 lightfall
Deterministic Chaos gives debuffs on rhythmical demand.

LMGs are quite viable in the current PvE landscape, with the Retrofit Escapade finding usage with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk. However, it’s likely Deterministic Chaos won’t necessarily break the meta for weapons in Destiny 2: Lightfall – unless Bungie gives LMGs, in general, some love.

Deterministic Chaos can be gained by completing the exotic quest, “Unfinished Business”, which unlocks after you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign.

Winterbite (Stasis Glaive)

Winterbite is the first ever Stasis Glaive in Destiny 2. Glaives have generally been reserved as energy slot weapons, and therefore have only ever come in Void, Solar, or Arc. With the first Stasis Glaive comes its exotic perk which creates a Frost Orb around the guardian which can freeze enemies (Think Warlock’s Arc Soul, but ice instead).

winterbite destiny 2 exotic glaive
Winterbite is the first ever Stasis Glaive in Destiny 2.

As a Stasis Glaive, Winterbite breaks new ground for Glaives. Its exotic perk allows it to fire up a charged ball of energy, which tracks toward nearby targets and freezes them.

Winterbite will also be given to players via questline, specifically Strider from Quinn in the Hall of Heroes. Strider is one of the quests in a questline, meaning it may take some time before you reach the quest for Winterbite.

Verglas Curve (Stasis Bow)

Verglas Curve is the Seasonal Exotic released with Season of the Defiance. Any final blows dealt with the weapon will store up Stasis Arrows, these Stasis Arrows can then be released via hipfire to unleash a volley of Stasis. These will create stasis crystals on colliding with terrain, and freeze any nearby enemies.

destiny 2 verglas curve
Verglas Curve is the Seasonal Exotic for Season of the Defiance.

The Verglas Curve is available for Season Pass owners at level 1, but is also available for non-Season Pass owners at level 35 if players are looking to grind for it.

Lightfall Armor

Cyrtarachne’s Facade (Hunter Helmet)

Cyrtarachne’s Facade is a new Hunter helmet that grants players a buff called Woven Mail after using a Strand Grapple.

Woven Mail seems to grant an armor bonus to the player and also grants them a good chunk of flinch resist.

crytarachnes facade hunter destiny 2 lightfall
Cyrtarachne’s Facade grants buffs after a Grapple with Strand.

Flinch Resist is generally not used in PvE, which makes this Helmet definitely seem to be more suited toward PvP. However, if Woven Mail gives high enough resistances/overshields and grapple is on a low enough cooldown, this might make for some interesting PvE builds as well.

Cyrtarachne’s Facade is a world drop, and can only be received via completing a Legend or Master tier lost sector solo. Completing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty as a Hunter will also reward this exotic.

Speedloader Slacks (Hunter Boots)

Speedloader Slacks is the second hunter exotic also released with Lightfall. These boots are a more general use exotic, and revolve around the Hunter’s Dodge ability.

Speedloader Slacks grants stacking reload speed, handling and airborne effectiveness to you and your allies whenever you dodge. Final blows and additional dodges increase the stacks up to a maximum of 5 and refresh the buff timer.

speedloader slacks
Speedloader Slacks grant various buffs to you and your allies.

Speedloader Slacks seem to be a pretty welcome exotic, Hunters use their dodge quite frequently and the buff provided can be pretty useful. It definitely feels more geared toward PvP however, and will be a good alternative to The Dragon’s Shadow.

The Speedloader Slacks can be obtained via completing a Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector solo when Boots are the featured exotic drop.

Abeyant Leap (Titan Boots)

Abeyant Leap is Titan’s new strand exotic, and it revolves all around their barricade.

With Abeyant Leap equipped, Titan’s strand aspect Drengr’s Lash is enhanced, meaning that putting up barricades will also spawn additional “Lashes”. Lashes suspend enemies in the air, and also grant the Titan the Woven Mail buff.

abeyant leap lightfall exotic
Abeyant Leap allows Titans to send Lashes through barricades.

These boots seem pretty interesting as Lashes do seem rather powerful, the only issue is it’s attached to their barricade which is arguably the worst part of a Titan’s kit. As it’s the only exotic specific to Strand at the moment, it can definitely be worth running with the subclass.

Abeyant Leap, like the Hunter exotic armor is an exotic world drop, meaning they can only farm for them via soloing Legend or Master difficulty lost sectors. However, players can receive a guaranteed version of the armor by completing the Lightfall Legendary campaign as a Titan.

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap (Titan Helmet)

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap is all about using the Stasis Lances created by Titan. Whilst equipped, Stasis Lances you throw will create Stasis crystals, these increase if hitting a boss or vehicle. Cadmus Ridge Lancecap also allows a Titan to create Stasis Lances nearby. They can do so by landing rapid precision hits or final blows behind their rally barricade, they also need to be using a Stasis subclass and weapon.

cadmus ridge lancecap
Cadmus Ridge Lancecap seems okay, but pretty niche.

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap is a pretty niche exotic that doesn’t seem to be of much use in most content. Whilst a cool idea, Stasis Titan isn’t that strong, and the Stasis Lance isn’t either. Cadmus Ridge Lancecap may be fun to mess around with, but it’s doubtful it’ll be changing the meta anytime soon.

The Cadmus Ridge Lancecap can be obtained via completing a Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector solo when Helmets are the featured exotic drop.

Swarmers (Warlock Boots)

Swarmers are the newest Warlock boots that were released with Destiny 2: Lightfall. These boots do exactly what they’re named after, they create Swarmers after the Guardian destroys a Tangle. These Swarmers travel across the ground and seek out enemies, tracking them and exploding dealing damage to them.

swarmers destiny 2 lightfall
Swarmers will send “Swarmers” to any enemy nearby.

Swarmers are a neat exotic that really synergizes with Strand Warlocks, however, it’s uncertain how useful they really are. Swarmers’ viability is dependent on how much damage the Swarmers actually deal, as well as the accessibility of Tangles to the player.

Ballidorse Wrathweavers (Warlock Arms)

Like Titan, Warlock also received a Stasis-specific exotic with Lightfall. Ballidorse Wrathweavers grants increased shatter damage for Warlock’s Winter’s Wrath. Alongside this, Ballidorse Wrathweavers give nearby allies overshields and bonus damage to Stasis Weapons.

ballidorse wrathweavers
Ballidorse Wrathweavers buff allies whilst in the Warlock Stasis super.

Ballidorse Wrathweavers, like Cadmus Ridge Lancecap feel like quite a niche exotic. They only work whilst in Warlock Stasis super, and the only real use is giving allies overshields, as the Stasis damage bonus might not be applicable. This exotic doesn’t seem to be fantastic, especially when compared with the trove of amazing Warlock exotics already out there.

The Ballidorse Wrathweavers can be obtained via completing a Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector solo when Arms are the featured exotic drop.

That covers everything you need to know about Destiny 2: Lightfall’s current exotics and the information released so far. Along with this, we have plenty of other useful Destiny 2 guides to check out:

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