Where is Xur today? Destiny 2 Xur location & what he is selling

Kurt Perry
Destiny 2 Xur location

It’s a new weekend in Destiny 2, which means Xur is back. The shady vendor is waiting to sell you a new Exotic or two from Destiny’s vast arsenal. Here’s where to find Xur, and what Exotic and Legendary gear he is selling this week.

The Final Shape is here, introducing a whole new expansion to Bungie’s looter shooter. In addition to exciting new Exotics, the Prismatic subclass, and the Pathfinder system, Bungie has also introduced a Xur rework.

As before, Xur returns to Destiny 2 every week to offer Exotic weapons, and some new Exotic armor rolls along with his exclusive Exotic Cipher quest. However, he now offers additional services, has a rank up system, and sells a much wider range of gear for you to purchase.

The Xur rework aims to make players excited again for when Xur shows up. If it has pulled that off, only time will tell. Regardless, you’ll want to give him a visit to see what’s on sale this week.

Where is Xur today in Destiny 2? Xur location (June 14 – 18)

Xur's new location this week in Destiny 2 The Final Shape.
Xur now has a permanent spawn point in The Tower’s Bazaar.

As of 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET on Friday, June 14, Xur can be found in The Tower’s Bazaar, in a small alleyway to the right of the Ramen Shop. His rework in The Final Shape has made this Xur’s permanent residence, meaning the Exotic vendor won’t move every week anymore.

What Exotics is Xur selling this week in Destiny 2?

As of 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET on Friday, June 14, Xur is selling the following Multivarious Strange Offerings:

  • Arbalest Catalyst (Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle): 71 Strange Coins
  • Bad Juju Catalyst (Kinetic Pulse Rifle): 71 Strange Coins
  • Lucky Raspberry (Hunter – 66): 41 Strange Coins
  • Heart of Inmost Light (Titan – 69): 41 Strange Coins
  • Nezarec’s Sin (Warlock – 68): 41 Strange Coins
  • Gambit Engram (x3): 23 Strange Coins

He is also selling the following Exotic weapons:

  • Hawkmoon (Kinetic Hand Cannon): 23 Strange Coins
  • Crimson (Kinetic Hand Cannon): 23 Strange Coins
  • Borealis (Void Sniper Rifle): 23 Strange Coins
  • D.A.R.C.I (Arc Sniper Rifle): 23 Strange Coins

Xur is also selling the following in his More Strange Offers tab:

  • Favor of the Nine (Double Strange Coins buff): 47 Strange Coins Spent
  • Enhancement Prism (x5): 31 Strange Coins
  • Enhancement Core (x3): 3 Strange Coins
  • Enhancement Core (x11): 7 Strange Coins
  • Glimmer (x30,307): 5 Strange Coins
  • Glimmer (x57,077): 11 Strange Coins
  • Strange Gift: 1 Strange Coin

Xur’s Legendary weapons and armor this week in Destiny 2

For the weekend beginning June 14, Xur is selling the following Legendary weapons, rolls, and armor:

  • Strange Weapon Engram (Random Weapon): 7 Strange Coins
  • Strange Armor Engram (Random Armor): 7 Strange Coins
  • Chrysura Melo (Solar Auto Rifle): 17 Strange Coins
    • Outlaw + Harmony
  • Scathelocke (Kinetic Auto Rifle): 17 Strange Coins
    • Subsistence + Eye of the Storm
  • Deafening Whisper (Void Grenade Launcher): 17 Strange Coins
    • Pulse Monitor + Threat Detector
  • Far Future (Solar Sniper Rifle): 17 Strange Coins
    • Lead from Gold + Wellspring
  • Threaded Needle (Void Linear Fusion Rifle): 17 Strange Coins
    • Rangefinder + Vorpal Weapon
  • Code Duello (Solar Rocket Launcher): 17 Strange Coins
    • Field Prep + Unrelenting
  • Quickfang (Void Sword – Hunter): 17 Strange Coins
    • Tireless Blade + En Garde
  • Crown-Splitter (Void Sword – Titan): 17 Strange Coins
    • Thresh + Counterattack
  • Eternity’s Edge (Solar Sword – Warlock): 17 Strange Coins
    • Energy Transfer + Flash Counter
  • Seventh Seraph Armor Set: 17 Strange Coins

Xur’s Rank Rewards

Xur's reworked stock and Exotic offerings in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Xur now has a rank up system in The Final Shape that rewards Guardians for buying his gear and services.

As of The Final Shape, Xur can now be ranked up to earn additional rewards. To rank up Xur, all you need to spend Strange Coins on his weekly offerings.

For ranking up Xur, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Rank 4: Enhancement Core (x7)
  • Rank 7: Enhancement Prism (x3)
  • Rank 10: Exotic Engram (x2)
  • Rank 13: Ascendant Shard (x1)
  • Rank 16: Ascendant Alloy (x1)
  • Reset Rank: Exotic Cipher (x1)

When will Xur next return in Destiny 2? Vendor weekly reset

Xur has moved to a new location in Destiny 2 and will remain there until the weekly reset on Tuesday, June 18. The Agent of the Nine disappears every Tuesday at reset and won’t return until next Friday (June 21) when he’ll show up and offer you some new gear.

While Xur’s choice of weapons and armor pieces rotates each week, he always has an Exotic Cipher quest available for players to pick up (unless they already have one active in their inventory that needs to be completed).

The exact process for finishing the quest can vary, but it involves completing several activities including Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and the Exotic Mission Rotator. If you want to claim old Exotic weapons from the Exotic Kiosk, you should complete this quest every week.

For more information on which weapons you should be using, check out these guides on the best PvP weapons and best PvE weapons in Destiny 2. As for builds, these breakdowns for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock will give you all the information you need.