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Destiny 2 Xur location today: What is Xur selling? (October 15 – 19)

Published: 16/Oct/2021 16:12

by Julian Young


It’s a new weekend, which means every Guardian’s favorite shady Destiny 2 vendor is back at a new location. Xur is waiting to sell you a new exotic or two, and even offer up his cipher quest if you’re in need of another weapon from the exotic archive. Here’s where to find Xur’s location on October 15.

Every Friday, Xur returns to Destiny 2 in a new location and offers Guardians a chance to grab an exotic weapon and some new exotic armor rolls in-game, along with his exclusive cipher quest that you need to complete in order to claim an old exotic weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights.


Xur will be back in Destiny 2 this week, and he’s due to set up shop in a different location with a whole new stock on offer to Guardians. In fact, as of Season of the Lost, Xur can now sell a series of Legendary items, too — adding a new dimension to the mysterious vendor.


Destiny 2 Xur location
Destiny 2’s Agent of the Nine is back, selling his goods to Guardians for another weekend.

Where is Xur today in Destiny 2?

As of 10 AM PDT/6 PM BST on Friday, October 15, Xur can be found at the Tower – in the Hangar.

As always though, he’ll always appear in either the Winding Cove (EDZ), Watcher’s Grave (Nessus), or the Tower’s Hangar. Will that change with The Witch Queen? We’ll have to wait and find out.


Xur Location Tower
Xur’s location on October 15.

What is Xur selling? Exotic armor and weapon (October 15 – October 19)

As of 10 AM PDT/6 PM BST on Friday, October 15, Xur is selling:

  • D.A.R.C.I. exotic sniper rifle
  • Transversive Steps Warlock leg armor
  • St0mp-EE5 Hunter leg armor
  • Synthoceps Titan Gauntlets

D.A.R.C.I. Exotic Sniper Rifle

Destiny 2 Darci Exotic Sniper Rifle
Darci is one of Destiny 2’s most unique sniper rifles.

Darci is one of a few select sniper rifles that fall into the power weapon category. Its Personal Assistant perk shows additional enemy information when ADSing, and the Target Acquired trait grants better target acquisition and bonus precision damage while Personal Assistant is active.

Transversive Steps Warlock Leg Armor

The Transversive Steps are perfect for high-speed Warlock gameplay.

An extremely popular Warlock exotic (for PVP in particular), the Transversive Steps kick your movement up a notch with their Strange Protractor perk, which increases your sprint speed and reloads your weapon after sprinting for a short time. These are a must-have if you haven’t acquired them already.


St0mp-EE5 Hunter Leg Armor

Destiny 2 Stompees Exotic Hunter Leg Armor
The ‘Stompees’ are a top-tier exotic for Hunters.

Arguably the most popular Hunter PVP exotic in Destiny 2, the St0mp-EE5s (affectionately known as the ‘Stompees’) are another must-have armor piece. Their Hydraulic Boosters perk buffs your sprint speed, slide distance, and jump ability, making them an incredibly powerful option.

Synthoceps Titan Gauntlets

Destiny 2 Synthoceps Exotic Titan Gauntlets
These gauntlets are one of the top Titan exotics.

The Synthoceps are a great exotic choice for Titans. The armor’s Biotic Enhancements perk increases the range of your melee attacks while buffing your melee and Super damage when surrounded by enemies, making them a great choice for PVE activities.

Don’t forget, whatever you grab this weekend can be used in the Festival of the Lost event!


What did Xur sell last week?

Last week, Xur was offering the following in Destiny 2:

  • Telesto exotic fusion rifle
  • Winter’s Guile gauntlets for Warlocks
  • The Bombardiers leg armor for Hunters
  • Mk. 44 Stand Asides leg armor for Titans

Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2 Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle
This week, Xur is carrying everyone’s favorite Fusion Rifle.

Destiny 2’s never-ending meme is back, with Xur offering Telesto as his exotic weapon choice this week. Despite its game-breaking tendencies, the exotic fusion rifle is also a solid choice heading into the Witch Queen due to this season’s focus on fusion rifle mods.

Winter’s Guile Warlock Gauntlets

Destiny 2 Winters Guile Exotic Warlock Gauntlets
The Winter’s Guile exotic is all about buffing your melee potential.

The Winter’s Guile gauntlets come with the Warlord’s Sigil perk, which increases your melee damage after each melee kill. There are plenty of other Warlock exotics worth taking over this one, but, if you’re really into slapping your enemies to death, this is a solid choice.


The Bombardiers Hunter Leg Armor

Destiny 2 Bombardiers Hunter Exotic Leg Armor
The Bombardiers turn you into an explosive whirlwind.

The Bombardiers are quite unique, even amongst exotics. Their intrinsic perk, Parting Gift, creates a delayed explosion each time you dodge, allowing you to jump in and out of enemy formations to blow them apart. The armor is a bit situational, but it can be pretty fun to use under the right circumstances.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides Titan Leg Armor

Destiny 2 Titan Mk. 44 Stand Asides Exotic Leg Armor
This is the perfect armor piece for Titans who loves smashing their enemies to pieces.

Shoulder Charging Titans and the Mk. 44 Stand Asides are a perfect combination. The armor’s Seriously, Watch Out perk grants an overshield when sprinting at full health with a Shoulder Charge melee equipped, and refunds melee energy when striking an enemy with the ability.

Xur’s Legendary weapons and armor (October 15 – October 19)

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost introduced a massive change to Xur’s age-old purpose. Beginning in Season 15, Xur now offers a selection of Legendary weapons and armor each week, alongside his typical exotics.

In addition to an armor set for all classes, the vendor also has several decent weapon rolls on the following guns:

  • Dire Promise hand cannon
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7 SMG
  • Arsenic Bite-4b combat bow
  • Long Shadow sniper rifle
  • Hollow Words fusion rifle
  • Outrageous Fortune grenade launcher
  • Royal Entry rocket launcher

This selection adds a whole new dimension to Xur, and provides a chance to grab some weapons and armor sets you may have missed in past seasons. While unconfirmed, it appears Xur could even end up selling a select offering of Trials weapons, so make sure to check back each week to see what’s on offer.

When does Xur come to Destiny 2? Vendor weekly reset

Xur will move to a new location today in Destiny 2, (October 15) and will remain there until Tuesday, October 19. The Agent of the Nine disappears every Tuesday at reset, and won’t return until next Friday when he’ll show up like clockwork and offer Guardians some new gear — for a price.

While Xur’s choice of weapons and armor pieces rotates each week, he always has an exotic cipher quest available for players to pick up (unless they already have one active in their inventory that needs to be completed).

The exact process for finishing the quest can vary, but it involves completing a number of activities in Destiny 2’s three core playlists: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. If you’re desperate for a chance to recover an old weapon from the kiosk, you should grab this and knock it out.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about where Xur’s location is in Destiny 2, and what he’s offering this week.

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