One Piece theory: Fourth Road Poneglyph is in Elbaf

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An image of Road Poneglyph in One Piece

In One Piece, the Straw Hats are only one step behind reaching the last island, and that is to find the Fourth Road Poneglyph. Although its location isn’t revealed yet, all signs indicate that there’s a high possibility it’s in Elbaf.

The One Piece treasure is located on the last island, Laughtale, which doesn’t show on any map. There’s only one way to reach Laughtale: to find all four Road Poneglyphs and decipher their text. Those texts contain locations of different places. 

Once the adventurers have marked all four locations on the map, the connecting point among them indicates the location of Laughtale. So far, the Straw Hats have acquired three Road Poneglyphs. With Robin and Nami on their side, they don’t need to worry about the translation and deciphering the location. 

However, the final piece of the puzzle, the Fourth Road Poneglpyh, is still a mystery in One Piece. Delve deeper to find out why the Fourth Road Poneglyph should be in Elbaf.

Why is Elbaf Island special in One Piece?

An image of a village from Elbaf in One Piece

Elbaf is an island and kingdom of giants located east of Wano Country. It is considered the strongest country in the world because its inhabitants are all trained warriors. Elbaf is also the reason Usopp sets out to the sea with Luffy to meet his friends, Dorry and Broggy.

Shanks is affiliated with the giants of the island, as shown in the “Egghead Arc” of Final Saga. Elbaf is also the place where the Kid Pirates were annihilated after they set off from Wano. 

Why does the theory of the Fourth Road Poneglyph being in Elbaf seem plausible?

An image of Shanks in Elbaf of One Piece

The only thing common among the locations of the three Road Poneglyphs in One Piece is that they were all found in islands not affiliated with the World Government. 

The first was in Zou, the second was in Whole Cake Island, and the third was in Wano. The Fourth Road Poneglyph was on Fish-Man Island during Roger’s voyage. 

One of them mysteriously vanished while Big Mom claimed the other one. Since Elbaf is also not affiliated with the World Government, it makes a perfect hiding spot for the Fourth Road Poneglyph. 

Secondly, Egghead Arc revealed that not only is Jaguar D. Saul alive, but he is in Elbaf trying to complete Professor Clover’s research. As fans know, the only way to discover anything about the Void Century is by deciphering the Poneglyphs. 

Road Poneglyph, being the most important among all, is a crucial factor in Saul’s research. Additionally, before the Final Saga began, Eiichiro Oda took a one-month break. He instead published a four-chapter series, “Road to Laughtale.”

Among the many flashbacks and additional information, it mentioned Elbaf to be one of the three islands rumored to have the Fourth Road Poneglyph.

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