One Piece chapter 1090 confirms an Elbaf arc

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An image of a village from Elbaf in One PieceCrunchyroll

As One Piece finally resumes the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures, chapter 1090 gears up for an Elbaf arc. Here’s why the Straw Hats are going there.

Elbaf, a kingdom of giants who take pride in being warriors, was first introduced in the Little Garden arc of One Piece. Brogy and Dory were the first pair of giants the Straw Hats met. The duo’s bravery and honor as warriors impressed Luffy and Usopp, who swore to visit the kingdom someday.

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A long time has passed since then, but there’s no trace of the crew visiting the island before now. Elbaf is located in the New World, East of Wano Country. At the end of the Wano Country Saga, the Straw Hats and Kid Pirates argue over who will go to the East. 

They ended up drawing straws, and the Kid Pirates went to Elbaf. Luffy and his crew end up on Egghead Island, which shouldn’t be too far from Elbaf. According to One Piece chapter 1090, the next destination of the Straw Hats is the highly anticipated Elbaf kingdom.

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One Piece chapter 1090 features the Straw Hats preparing to leave for Elbaf

As the series resumes the Straw Hats’ journey, Admiral Kizaru attacks Egghead Island. It isn’t long before they find out York is a traitor. To make matters worse, the Seraphim and CP0 agents attack Vegapunk and the crew. Although the shady alliance between the Straw Hats and the CP0 agents has lessened their rivals, the threat increases when the island gets under siege. 

Admiral Kizaru has one of the most powerful devil fruits in the series. Therefore, even if the Straw Hats had become stronger over the years, Kizaru would still be a difficult opponent to beat. In the chapter, the crew finds out about the island being under siege and prepares to leave for Elbaf with the Vegapunk machines. 

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Vegapunk and Jaguar D. Saul are old acquaintances who might reunite when they reach there. Furthermore, fans have been waiting for Robin’s and Saul’s reunion ever since the latter was confirmed to be alive. As for Shanks, he isn’t in Elbaf anymore, so there are no chances of him crossing paths with Luffy. 

Because of their promise to one another, their reunion will not happen until the end of the series. However, Dory and Brogy are likely to be there since they aren’t members of the Red Hair Pirates. As for what became of the Kid Pirates, we can’t confirm if they will appear in the Elbaf arc.

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