One Piece Chapter 1120 contains shocking death that has fans reeling

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece Atlas

The Egghead Arc has its fair share of tragedies, and fans are shocked once again after One Piece Chapter 1120 confirms another character’s death.

The Egghead Arc of One Piece is about to reach its conclusion, prompting the crew to set out on a new journey. The Straw Hat Pirates intend to leave the island even before Kizaru’s arrival. The next destination is Elbaf island, the Kingdom of Giants, where several secrets about the Sun God Nika will be revealed.

The ongoing arc introduces Vegapunk and his Six Satellites, who all share Vegapunk’s brain via Punk Records. While Vegapunk’s true body is called Stella, his Satellites are Lilith, Atlas, Shaka, Edison, Pythagoras, and York, all with different personalities.

So far, the manga has confirmed Shaka’s and Pythagoras’ deaths, while Edison’s status remains unknown. However, One Piece Chapter 1120 confirms another Satellite’s death. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter!

According to spoilers, Atlas arrives at the Thousand Sunny and confronts Nusjuro. Although Zoro and Jimbei try to stop the elder, the latter is too strong for both of them. Hence, Atlas arrives for their rescue right after knocking Lilith out.

As long as Lilith is unconscious, York can’t sense her presence. She grabs Nusjuro and takes him high into the sky before detonating herself. While this attack isn’t enough to severely injure Nujsuro, it’s enough to buy time for the crew.

One fan shares, “No! Atlas had the best design out of the VPs. Damn, I guess Lilith might join the straw hats. Her dream will probably be to complete the Mother Flame. I was hoping for both to make a lab in Elbaf and stay there, but whatever.”

“Not my girl! Oda please don’t kill my favorite Vegapunk like that please,” shares another.

Another fan also shares, “In fact, it’s worth giving credit to Atlas for her intelligence and self-sacrifice. Knocking Lilith out was the right decision.”

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