One Piece manga teases Egghead arc finale

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece anime Egghead arc key visual

One Piece manga is finally concluding its astonishing Egghead arc – so here’s everything you need to know about it.

After making fans wait for over two decades, One Piece finally confirms the highly anticipated Elbaf arc in Chapter 1090 (August 2020). The kingdom of Giants was first introduced in the Little Garden arc of the Arabasta Saga. As the Straw Hats meet the honorable warriors, Dorry and Brogy, they can’t help but fantasize about an island with more such giants.

Fast forward two decades, and we still didn’t get a hint of the highly-anticipated Elbaf arc until the ongoing Egghead arc. The Straw Hats, Bonney, and Vegapunk prepare to escape to a nearby island since Kizaru sieges Egghead.

Additionally, the log pose points toward the northeast, where Elbaf is located. Since it’s confirmed that the next arc is going to be Elbaf, here’s why we believe that the Egghead arc finale is closer than ever in One Piece.

What do we know about the Egghead arc finale in One Piece?

A One Piece leaker teased an Egghead arc climax for Chapter 1107. However, please note that the announcement is unofficial, and it may take a few more chapters to conclude the ongoing arc.

The reason we believe that the Egghead arc in One Piece is closer to its finale than ever is because of Dorry and Brogy’s arrival. The duo appears just in time to destroy the Marine battleships and stop the Buster Call. They announce the reason for their appearance is Straw Hat Luffy or, rather, Sun God Nika.

The Straw Hats met the giant duo in the Little Garden arc of the Arabasta Saga. About 102 years ago, they both led the Giant Warrior Pirates but disbanded after they got into an argument. They were evenly matched and fought for 100 years, even forgetting about the argument.

Finally, the battle ended with Brogy’s victory due to Baroque Works’ interference. Dorry and Brogy are currently living in Elbaf and have become pirates again. The fact that they’ve come for Luffy means they must want to take him to Elbaf with him.

The giants have believed in the Sun God Nika for centuries, and their wait is finally over with Luffy’s devil fruit awakening. As more adventures await the Straw Hat Pirates, we also cannot forget that Jaguar D. Saul, Robin’s dear friend, is still alive and well. We will most definitely witness their heartwarming reunion.

Although the Egghead arc will soon conclude in the upcoming One Piece chapters, it doesn’t mean that Elbaf’s arc will begin the right way. There will likely be some filler chapters to cover the transition from Egghead to Elbaf.

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