One Piece: Everything we know about Laugh Tale so far

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An image of the Laugh Tale island in One Piece

The last island Laugh Tale is said to hold all the secrets about the world as well as the legendary treasure One Piece. Here’s everything we know about the mysterious island.

Ever since the beginning of Luffy’s journey, his primary goal has been to reach Laugh Tale and claim One Piece, a legendary treasure that contains everything the world has to offer. The only people who have been on the island never speak a word about it. 

Therefore, even now, the entire world believes Laugh Tale to be a myth. Oden’s backstory in the “Wano Country Saga” finally reveals that the island not only has the legendary treasure but also the entire truth about the world.

Laugh Tale is an important part of the story, and the Straw Hats are the only step behind tracing its coordinates. Nonetheless, fans have to wait for more than six-seven years to figure everything out about the island. Delve deeper to find out more about the mysterious island of Laugh Tale.

The island was called Raftel in the old translation

An image of Roger in Laugh Tale of One Piece

The island had always been called Raftel in all the official and unofficial translations. In Japanese, the pronunciation of “L” and “R” always gets mixed up. In the Stampede movie, however, the name is spelled as “Laugh Tale” on an Eternal Pose. 

After that, the Funimation dub started using Laugh Tale, though the subbed version did not. Only in One Piece chapter 987 did the series reveal the truth about the world. It made Roger and his crew so happy that they all laughed together. Therefore, since they were the first crew in One Piece to reach the island, they decided to name it Laugh Tale. 

Laugh Tale can only be located using the four Road Poneglyphs in One Piece

An image of Road Poneglyph in One Piece

Poneglyphs are extremely important in the world of One Piece since they contain information about the Void Century. Everything about that era has been removed from history except for those giant stone Poneglyphs that are scattered around the world. They are usually grey in color, but only four of them are red. 

The red ones are extremely special since they all tell the coordinates of different islands. Once someone can decipher the four Road Poneglyphs, they can easily locate Laugh Tale by finding an intersection point and then claim the One Piece treasure. So far, Luffy and his crew have acquired three of them, while the location of the fourth one remains a mystery.

Joy Boy had left his treasure in Laugh Tale, which was later called One Piece

An image of Zunesha claiming Luffy to be Joy Boy in One Piece

Joy Boy is an extremely important figure in One Piece. He lived around the Void Century and is believed to fight against the World Government. After Luffy awakened his devil fruit, the title of Joy Boy was passed down to him. The series also hints that the first Joy Boy had the same devil fruit power. He was also known as the “Warrior of Liberation.” 

For reasons unknown, Joy Boy had left a significant amount of treasure and information about the Void Century. After Roger visited Laugh Tale, he left some more treasure. Therefore all that wealth and knowledge combined later came to be known as One Piece.

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