One Piece Chapter 1117 has the villains succeed but that’s not a bad thing

Tulisha srivastava
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One Piece Chapter 1117 spoilers confirm the villains succeed in their plan, but there’s a reason why it will play out well for the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece manga is currently featuring the Egghead Island Arc, where the crew is fighting against Gorosei. At first, Saturn arrives there alone to deal with Vegapunk and Straw Hats. Vegapunk’s death triggers a worldwide broadcast where he promises to reveal the truth.

This compels the other four elders to arrive on Egghead as soon as possible. Not only do the Gorosei have to stop the broadcast, but they also must deal with a number of enemies. Vegapunk reveals a lot of secrets about the Void Century and Joyboy.

We learn that Joyboy was the first pirate in history whose defeat ended the Void Century. Additionally, there was a great war that caused the sea level to rise by 200 meters, thereby sinking most of the world 800 years ago. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1117!

Why Gorosei succeeding in One Piece Chapter 1117 isn’t a bad thing?

One Piece Chapter 1111 spoilers Gorosei's powers

According to One Piece Chapter 1117 spoilers, Gorosei stops the broadcast at the most crucial time. One Piece Chapter 1116 reveals the location of the transponder snail as we see Iron Giant walking toward Gorosei with it. York informs the villains, and they take action immediately.

In the upcoming chapter, Vegapunk is about to share a message with those bearing the name “D.” He says, “Among you guys, there is mo….”

That’s when the broadcast gets cut off. However, the reason this isn’t a bad thing is because of Roger Pirates. Chapter 1116 reveals that only Roger Pirates have been able to uncover the truth in over 800 years. We also see Rayleigh, who is upset with Vegapunk for ruining the fun of younger people.

There’s a reason why the Roger Pirates stay silent despite knowing the world’s true history – it’s because the time isn’t right. Rayleigh says his crew and the people of Ohara were too hasty. He doesn’t want the Straw Hat Pirates to find out the truth before their journey is complete.

One Piece Rayleigh

They have to see the world and unravel the mysteries all by themselves so they can reach their own conclusions. Vegapunk says he cannot determine whether the Ancient Kingdom or the 20 nations were right.

Rayleigh believes the Straw Hats might come to a different conclusion than the Roger Pirates. The prophecy foretells a chosen one, most likely Monkey D. Luffy, who will fulfill the ancient promise and bring about a profound change in the world.

Hence, Vegapunk is doing exactly the opposite of what Roger Pirates wants. Robin’s biggest dream is to discover the truth of the world in her journey and share it with everyone. Vegapunk doing that in her place takes away the entire foundation of her character.

Additionally, since Vegapunk doesn’t know the complete history, sharing such information won’t do them any good. Hence, while we may be itching to find out more about the history, it’s better for the crew that Gorosei stopped the broadcast when they did.

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