One Piece’s Elbaf Arc release window teased by Shonen Jump

Anamika Das
Big Mom and other giant children on Elbaf

A little detail in Shonen Jump’s official website teases the release window of One Piece’s Elbaf Arc, one of the most anticipated arcs of the manga.

After more than 25 years of serialization, One Piece has entered its Final Saga. The manga is currently in the midst of the Egghead Arc. The arc is in the final stretch as the Straw Hats fight their strongest and most influential enemies – the Gorosei and the World Government.

While there is no written confirmation, it’s assumed that the next arc of the Final Saga will be the Elbaf Arc. This arc has been teased for years, with the name of the island first mentioned in the Little Garden Arc back in 2000. After waiting for years, it seems the Straw Hat Pirates will finally set sail for the famous island.

Shonen Jump’s official website reveals that One Piece’s Elbaf character figurines are scheduled for release in November 2024. Given that the figures will have the official designs of the characters for the Elbaf Arc, it’s safe to say that the arc will likely begin in November or before.

There has been no official announcement about this progress. However, the information strengthens the theory that One Piece’s Elbaf Arc will start this year and it will follow the Egghead Arc.

Elbaf holds a lot of significance in One Piece. It is the land of the giants where Luffy and Usopp always wanted to go. In the Little Garden Arc, the Straw Hats meet the giants Dorry and Broggy who return in the Egghead Arc to aid the Straw Hats and bring Luffy to Elbaf.

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has also been hinting at the beginning of the Elbaf Arc for quite some time. The Egghead Arc has a major scene where Shanks is seen to have arrived on Elbaf and completely destroyed the Kid Pirates. The arrival of Dorry and Broggy on Egghead Island also teases the Straw Hats’ next destination.

What’s more, One Piece Chapter 1114 just revealed that the Sun God Nika was originally from Elbaf, meaning there is a stronger connection between Luffy and the land of the giants. Usopp is also theorized to have some character development in this arc and become stronger.

Whether One Piece really enters the Elbaf Arc in November is yet to be seen. But given the development of the current arc, the time frame seems entirely plausible.

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