One Piece Chapter 1114 reveals the first pirate in history

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A still of Vegapunk from One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1114 is finally unraveling the mysteries of Void Century through Vegapunk’s message – so here’s what you need to know about the first pirate in history.

For decades or maybe even centuries in One Piece, pirates have taken to the seas hoping to find treasures. The path they choose is full of dangers and adventures. However, the world changed about 22 years ago after Gol D. Roger’s execution.

Roger Pirates is the only known crew who has traveled the entire world and set foot on the last island, Laughtale. During his execution, Roger declared that whoever can find his treasure, One Piece, can claim it for themselves.

Since then, thousands of pirates have aimed to become the Pirate King and have the treasure. However, no one knew about the first pirate in history until One Piece Chapter 1114. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter!

One Piece Chapter 1114 spoilers reveal the first pirate in history and his connection to Nika

According to One Piece Chapter 1114 spoilers, Joyboy from the ancient kingdom is the first pirate in history.

An image of Robin reading the Poneglyph in One Piece

Joyboy was first mentioned in the Fish-Man Island Arc when Robin deciphered the Poneglyph. It was an apology to the Mermaid Princess, the first Poseidon. Joyboy regretted not fulfilling his promise, though the poneglyph doesn’t reveal what it is. He was an influential figure during the Void Century.

Furthermore, Wano Country Arc revealed that Luffy is the second Joyboy after he awakens his devil fruit. One Piece Chapter 1114 confirms that Joyboy, who was from the ancient kingdom, had the same powers as Sun God Nika.

Nika, the legendary Warrior of Liberation, is from Elbaf. That also explains the connection between the giants and the Sun God. Additionally, the chapter also reveals that Joyboy was the first person to set sail and become a pirate.

This also means he had a crew, which will surely be revealed later on. It’s also uncertain whether Joyboy simply had powers similar to Nika or if he ate the same devil fruit as Luffy. The ancient kingdom is one of the biggest mysteries in the story. Hence, Joyboy, who was from that kingdom holds a lot of secrets.

You can check out the release date and more spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1114. For more from Straw Hats, check out our One Piece filler guide and 10 strongest characters.

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