One Piece: Every character from the Void Century explained

An image featuring characters from the Void Century in One Piece

The Void Century in One Piece is a term used to describe the century-long gap in recorded and archaeological history. Here’s a list of every known character from the Void Century.

In One Piece, almost everything surrounds the Void Century that only a handful of people know about. However, since they don’t openly discuss it, it’s a mystery left for the Straw Hats to solve.

It is forbidden to study anything related to the Void Century, and the punishment is brutal. The World Government didn’t hesitate to obliterate the entire island of Ohara. It was home to several renowned archaeologists capable of reading the ancient language of Poneglyphs.

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Considering such brutal measures, the World Government is hiding a major secret regarding their foundation, something big enough to shake the entire world. Delve deeper to find out about every known character who lived during the Void Century.

Toki transcended the boundaries of time to witness a certain event

An image of Toki, a character from the Void Century in One PieceCrunchyroll

Kozuki Toki, born in the noble clan of Wano called Amatsuki, had the power of the Time-Time Fruit. For some reason, the people from her era were aware of a certain event that would change the world completely. 

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Therefore, she jumped through centuries several times until she landed in Oden’s era. After meeting him and beginning her journey with the Whitebeard Pirates, Toki started her family with Oden.

After learning the truth about the world, Oden revealed that what Toki is waiting for will happen 20 years from that time. However, she abandoned her dream of witnessing that event and settled with Oden in Wano. Toki followed her husband in the afterlife after Orochi and Kaido overtook Wano.

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Despite being born in Wano, Toki knew nothing about her homeland. However, she requested Oden and Whitebeard to take her to Wano – meaning that she knows that the event will take place in Wano.

The first Joy Boy in One Piece lived during the Void Century

An image of Robin reading the Poneglyph in One PieceCrunchyroll

Joy Boy was first introduced in the “Fish-Man Island Arc” when Robin read a Poneglyph consisting of his letter to the Mermaid Princess. It was an apology for being unable to keep his promise – though the promise itself wasn’t mentioned in the letter. 

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As an important figure of the Void Century, Joy Boy is one of the most mysterious characters of One Piece. After Luffy awakened his devil fruit, it was revealed that Joy Boy isn’t a name but a title.

The first Joy Boy was from the Void Century when a major change happened in the world. Whereas the second Joy Boy is Monkey D. Luffy, the prophesized King, who is destined to be at the center of a great event that will change the world completely once again. 

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Zunesha was born years before the Void Century in One Piece

An image of Zunesha from One PieceCrunchyroll

Zunesha is the oldest creature introduced in One Piece, with its lifetime predating even the Void Century. It is a Naitamie-Norida elephant, a species of gigantic elephant whose legs stretch down all the way to the ocean floor.

As someone who’s lived for over a millennium, Zunesha had a major role in the Void Century. It was Joy Boy’s comrade, and the two had a special bond at the time.

Zunesha committed a grave crime for unknown reasons and was punished for walking for eternity. Since then, it has been walking continuously but never once reached its destination.

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Queen Lili was the ruler of Arabasta during that era

An image of Queen Lili from One Piece mangaViz Media

In One Piece chapter 1084, Nefertari Cobra speaks with Gorosei about the history of the World Government during the Void Century. He even reveals the name of Queen Lili, the ruler of Arabasta, during that era. 

She was the only ruler among the twenty allied nations who refused to leave her Kingdom at someone else’s hands. This is why the Nefertari Family continues to rule Arabasta even today. However, for some reason, Lili never made it back home, and the responsibility to rule Arabasta fell on her brother’s shoulders.

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When Gorosei refused to answer anything related to her, Cobra further asked about the meaning of “Will of D.” He claimed that Queen Lili penned one letter, but even the historical records of his Kingdom had no knowledge of it.

Additionally, when Nefertari Cobra first saw Im sitting on the Empty Throne, the latter muttered Lilli’s name. This proved that the mysterious ruler of the world and the former Queen of Arabasta had some connection. 

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