One Piece: Op-Op Fruit is the source of Im’s immortality

An image of Im's identity in One Piece chapter 1084Crunchyroll

One Piece’s recent chapter hints Im is immortal and has been around since the Void Century. However, there is only one source of immortality in the entirety of One Piece: Trafalgar Law’s Op-Op Fruit.

Since the Final Saga of One Piece began, fans have been learning more about the mysterious ruler of the world, Im. One Piece chapter 1084, reveals that Im has some sort of connection with Queen Lili of Arabasta. 

Even now, the series has yet to reveal the true identity of the person sitting on the Empty Throne. However, their powers are unlike anything in the world. 

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Considering the long-standing history of the World Government as well as Im’s role in it, the possibility of Im being an immortal is almost certain at this point. Furthermore, Shonen anime have a reputation for introducing final villains as immortals.

The Op-Op Fruit is the only source of immortality in One Piece

An image of Op Op Fruit, the only source of immortality in One PieceCrunchyroll

Op-Op Fruit is a powerful Paramecia-type devil fruit that allows the user to perform miraculous surgeries, cure untreatable diseases, and even circumvent physical disabilities.

The previous users of this devil fruit have always been doctors. Even Trafalgar Law can use this power efficiently because of studying medicine since childhood.

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However, Op-Op Fruit is also called the “Ultimate Devil Fruit” for granting the power of immortality to at least one individual. This is why this devil fruit is costly and highly sought after among marines and pirates alike.

Op-Op Fruit is the only source of immortality in the entire series, and the user can decide to either make themselves immortal or another person at the cost of their lives.

Why does this theory seem plausible?

An image of Imu standing near a giant straw hat and holding Luffy's bounty posterCrunchyroll

Since the Great Kingdom vanished without a trace, similar incidents have been repeated throughout history. Whether it is the God Valley or the Lulusia Kingdom, they all disappear the same way the Great Kingdom did over 800 years ago — and the cause behind them was Im.

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Therefore, it only makes sense that Im has been behind the destruction of all these islands. For him to live for over 800 years, there has to be a kind of power to make it possible.

Eiichiro Oda introduced the concept of immortality through the Op-Op Fruit. However, the revelation itself was too random that it seemed odd. Oda never adds anything redundant in One Piece.

The fact that he decided to reveal the true powers of Law’s devil fruit in the Dressrosa Arc means he has something major planned for the Final Saga. There’s no way for Im to be the user of Op-Op Fruit because it wouldn’t have reappeared if the user made themselves immortal.

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Therefore, it is highly likely that someone from the Void Century with the power of the Op-Op Fruit used it to make Im immortal at the cost of their own life.

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