One Piece Final Saga will reveal these mysteries surrounding Luffy

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Although the Final Saga of One Piece has begun, several mysteries are yet to be resolved, and a lot of them seem to surround the cheerful protagonist Luffy.

One Piece‘s mysteries build the story’s foundation, with the puzzles being fitted together as the story progresses. The series’ protagonist, Luffy, is the most straightforward and easy-going character despite being shrouded in mystery.

It’s only last year that fans learn about the true nature of Luffy’s devil fruit. However, with that revelation came dozens more questions. From his heritage to his powers, everything about Luffy is still a mystery in One Piece.

However, the Final Saga will answer will reveal the truth of everything and fans will learn the answers they have been waiting for all this time. Here are the major mysteries surrounding Luffy that the Final Saga of One Piece will answer.

Luffy dreams of something beyond becoming the Pirate King

An image of Straw Hat Luffy and Pirate King sharing the same dream in One Piece

In the Wano Arc, fans learn that Luffy has a dream beyond becoming the Pirate King. He can only achieve his “true” dream once he claims the treasure and become King of the Pirates. 

Unlike other fictional characters, Luffy doesn’t have an inner monologue; meaning fans can never know what he’s thinking. This is perfect for Eiichiro Oda to hide Luffy’s real dream from others. So far, only his crew, Ace, Sabo, Yamato, and Shanks, know about this. 

Surprisingly, Luffy’s dream coincides with Roger’s, which brings Shanks to tears when he first hears it. The series hasn’t given any hint regarding Luffy’s dream. However, Luffy will make his dream come true in the Final Saga of One Piece.

Fans will learn about Luffy’s mother in the Final Saga of One Piece 

Nothing about Luffy’s mother has ever been mentioned in the series, not even her name. Fans have been eager to learn about the woman who gave birth to the prophesized king and if she had any powers of her own.

There have been several fan theories regarding this; some even go as far as claiming Crocodile to be Luffy’s mother. However, Oda has yet to reveal anything about her, which can only mean that the mystery will be answered in the Final Saga.

The true powers of Luffy and his devil fruit will be explored in the Final Saga of One Piece

An image of Luffy using Gear 5 in One Piece Final Saga

The true nature of Luffy’s devil fruit is a mythical Zoan-type called Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika. It is an unusual devil fruit granting the properties of both Parameica and Zoan types to the user. Gorosei called it the “world’s most ridiculous power.” 

Furthermore, this fruit belonged to a mysterious individual called Joy Boy from the Void Century. Luffy has only used this power once, and it was enough to defeat the King of Beasts, Kaido and claim the title of Yonko from him.

However, the true extent of Luffy’s powers has yet to be revealed. What fans saw in the “Wano Country Saga” was merely a glimpse of Luffy’s true powers. There’s no way the World Government would desperately want such power for over 800 years, which was barely enough to defeat Kaido.

What’s more, they went through a lot of difficulties to hide the fruit’s existence from the world. The true powers of Luffy and his devil fruit will be thoroughly explored in the Final Saga of One Piece.

The meaning behind the secret name “D” will be revealed in the Final Saga

The secret name “D” is often mentioned in the series, yet no one knows what it means. Luffy and many other characters possess this name, even though they know nothing about it. 

Although the carefree protagonist doesn’t mind it, several people want to know about the meaning of “D” and why people with that name are considered enemies of gods. In One Piece’s chapter 1084, Nefertaro Cobra questions Gorosei regarding the meaning of “D” and claims that Queen Lili penned this letter. 

Queen Lili was the ruler of Arabasta when the World Government was formed during the Void Century. Since the question about this mysterious letter is out in the open, One Piece Final Saga will definitely reveal the truth and explain how Luffy is connected to all this. 

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