One Piece Chapter 1120 promises Iron Giant’s strongest attack yet

Anamika Das
The Iron Giant (aka Emeth) punching Warcury in One Piece manga

The spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1120 tease the Iron Giant’s strongest attack yet as it faces the Gorosei.

As one of the few relics from the Void Century, the Iron Giant (aka Emeth) plays a major role in the Egghead Arc. After staying asleep for centuries, the robot finally wakes up after sensing Joyboy (Luffy) in trouble.

In One Piece Chapter 1116, it’s revealed the Iron Giant is guarding Vegapunk’s broadcasting den den mushi. This leads to the Gorosei confronting the robot, starting an all-out battle between the two parties.

The Gorosei also reveal Emeth is the same robot who attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago. However, despite its size, the robot doesn’t fare well at the beginning and is thrown into the sea by Warcury.

As it’s drowning, Emeth remembers Joyboy’s words: “Remember Emeth, only when the time is right…” The legendary character seems to be hinting at something special. However, what he’s referring to isn’t revealed until One Piece Chapter 1120.

Motivated by Joyboy, the Iron Giant stands up again and punches Warcury at the end of Chapter 1119. In the next chapter, their fight continues as Warcury is joined by the other Gorosei (sans Nusjuro). Their joint effort manages to destroy one of the robot’s arms.

This is when Emeth declares “the time is right” and thus, it’ll use “that”. It isn’t clarified what the robot is talking about. But given the context, it’s clear the Iron Giant is referring to its strongest attack, something so dangerous that it must only be used under a certain condition.

One Piece has been teasing the robot’s powers for a while now. Seems like Chapter 1121 is where we’ll finally see Emeth unleashing its full potential. And though it’s unlikely that the Gorosei will be defeated for good with so much story still left, the robot can surely buy the Straw Hat Pirates enough time to escape the island.

But before that, we have Chapter 1120 to look forward to. The chapter will be released on July 14, 2024. Until then, check out our guides on Bonney’s Devil Fruit and Vegapunk’s message. You can also find out if Bonney will join the Straw Hat Pirates and who has the highest bounty in One Piece.