One Piece Chapter 1120: Release date & major spoilers

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One Piece Iron Giant

The One Piece manga has finally revealed Iron Giant’s powers as he breaks Warcury’s tusk, so here’s what you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1120.

Bonney imitates Luffy and takes on the same form as her. However, Gorosei confirms that Bonney’s form is fake. To defeat Mars, Luffy transforms into a giant balloon when Mars attacks him. Since he has already fought Gorosei, he knows they regenerate instantly.

Luffy, Franky, Bonney, and Sanji do a combined attack and send Mars away with full force. As the fight continues, both Iron Giant and the transponder snail wake up, and the broadcast begins again.

The manga, which is still a few months away from the Elbaf Arc, shocked fans by revealing the Iron Giant’s name. Not only does the chapter reveal his name, Emet, but it also reveals that he made a promise with Joyboy, which he must fulfill in this era.

One Piece Chapter 1120 release date and time

Since there’s no break this week, One Piece Chapter 1120 will be released on Sunday, July 7, 2024, at 7am PT. You can read the latest chapters for free on Manga Plus.

The One Piece Chapter 1119 global release timezones are below:

  • 11.00am Eastern Time
  • 4.00pm British Time
  • 5.00pm European Time
  • 8.30pm Indian Time
  • 11.00pm Philippine Time

One Piece Chapter 1120 spoilers

One Piece Emet

The chapter reveals in a brief flashback that Professor Clover is a member of the “D” clan. Clover asks Vegapunk to help him with the research, but the latter denies it. However, Clover says he will solve the mystery, and he can hear a voice coming from the past.

In the present, Atlas knocks out Lilith before going after Nusjuro. As long as Lilith is unconscious, York can’t sense her presence and go after her. Atlas grabs Nusjuro and takes him high into the sky before detonating herself.

Luffy and Emet meet for the first time, and the latter addresses him as Joyboy. Of course, Luffy can’t understand who Emet is talking about. Emet also realizes that the “right time” the first Joyboy was talking about is now.

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