Jujutsu Kaisen hinted at another cursed technique for Yuji you forgot about

Anamika Das
Yuji Itadori

Jujutsu Kaisen actually hinted at another cursed technique for Yuji in a past chapter that fans may not have noticed.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 222 has a pair of panels that inspired the theory that Yuji has one very specific cursed technique he hasn’t used. Almost forgotten after not being addressed for the longest time, the panels hint at the possibility of Yuji having this special cursed technique but not using it until the right opportunity.

After much speculation, the manga finally revealed Yuji’s main cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257. It turns out Yuji has the same technique as Sukuna, now officially known as “Shrine”. The chapter also revealed the real connection between Yuji and Sukuna.

The true relationship between the protagonist and antagonist opened the possibilities for a lot of theories. A popular theory about Yuji is that he has more than one cursed technique similar to Sukuna’s. Earlier in the series, Gojo predicted that Yuji would one day carry Sukuna’s CT as his vessel. That does come true later in the series, strengthened by Yuji’s origin.

As for any other CT that Yuji has, the Shinjuku Showdown has revealed that Yuji’s punches have the ability to hit his opponent’s soul and he can use Blood Manipulation.

Aside from this, there is one detail in Chapter 222 that may have been hinting at the other CT Yuji possesses. In the chapter, a couple of panels showed Yuji and Kusakabe training together. What’s weird about them is that Yuji ordered Kusakabe to “get the hang of it already” before calling him Itadori.

In reply, Kusakabe answered “osu”, which translates to “yes, sir” in English. The official translation of the chapter also mentions that it’s one of Yuji’s catchphrases, previously used in Chapter 215.

The odd interaction between them hinted at Yuji and Kusakabe swapping bodies or souls. It also supports the theory of Yuji having another CT and that power having something to do with souls. As Yuji’s punches can affect the soul, it’s easy to assume that his other CT allows him to swap souls.

Yuji being able to use the soul swapping cursed technique can open a lot of paths for the plot to take in the future. He could use it to swap souls with Sukuna and finally take Megumi from under Sukuna’s control. Potentially he could also use Sukuna’s domain by taking over his body.

While there hasn’t been any explanation of the panels since, it could still come back as a shocking plot twist. If recent Jujutsu Kaisen chapters have taught fans anything, it’s that the manga will always deliver something unexpected, and tie up every loose end.

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