Demon Slayer fans are looking forward to the most unexpected friendship in the story

Anamika Das
The Hashira

Demon Slayer has many heartwarming friendships, but the one fans are looking forward to the most is also the story’s most unexpected.

Giyu Tomioka and Sanemi Shinazugawa are among the most popular characters in Demon Slayer. They are the Water and Wind Hashira, respectively. However, despite their similar designations, they’re far from being friends.

In fact, no one hates Giyu more than Sanemi (Obanai comes close). The Wind Hashira can’t stand the other’s gloomy nature and how Giyu always acts apart from the other Hashira. Unaware of its cause, he takes it as the Water Hashira’s arrogance.

Giyu, on the other hand, acts indifferent to most things, including his fellow Hashira. However, under this, he genuinely craves friendship and doesn’t understand why Sanemi hates him. During the Hashira Training Arc, he admits to Tanjiro how he wants to befriend the Wind Hashira.

However, when the final battle against Muzan (aka the Infinity Castle Arc) starts, there’s little time for making new friends. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Demon Slayer epilogue featuring Giyu and Sanemi

While Giyu and Tanjiro have Akaza to face, Sanemi joins Gyomei, Muichiro, and Genya in fighting Kokushibo. What follows are only tragedies. Giyu and Sanemi are the only two active Hashira who survive the final arc.

This, along with their shared grief at losing their comrades and loved ones, helps the two form a close bond. Towards the end of Demon Slayer, they’re shown eating in a restaurant together. Demon Slayer Corps has been disbanded, so they’re no longer part of the same organization.

Former Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui even admits Sanemi doesn’t reply to his letters. So, it’s really surprising Sanemi chooses to spend his free time with Giyu, someone who he previously hated with gusto.

It’s so out of their characters that it has fans intrigued. One such fan commented on Twitter/X, “I think it may have to do with them being the only two Hashira who took part in the final showdown with Muzan and survived it.”

Another joined, “They definitely got to talking about their pasts and understanding each other. They had somewhat similar paths to becoming Hashira.”

“Giyuu always wanted to be friends with Sanemi. It’s cute they were able to,” added a third.

We’ll see both Giyu and Sanemi in their full glory in the upcoming Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle anime movies. However, we’ll have to wait more to see their friendship on screen as it doesn’t happen until the end of Demon Slayer.

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