Demon Slayer: Sanemi’s brutality in Season 4 gets mixed reactions

Tulisha srivastava
Demon Slayer Sanemi

Demon Slayer Season 4 Episode 5 has split fans over Sanemi’s brutal actions, with most of them thinking his attempt at brotherly love has gone too far.

Demon Slayer Season 4 features the Hashira Training Arc, where all demon slayers go through hellish training to improve their overall skills. Episode 5 focuses on the dispute between the Shinazugawa brothers. Season 3 reveals Genya is Sanemi’s younger brother.

After they split up following their family’s death, Genya tried desperately to catch up with Sanemi. Since he wasn’t strong, Genya had to eat demon flesh to become stronger. However, Sanemi got absolutely furious after finding this out. This caused a massive scene in the middle of the training.

Demon Slayer fans are split over Sanemi’s actions as they argue over whether his brutality towards Genya was justified. While fans know the reason behind his actions, some of them still think it was unfair to Genya and others.

After all, Sanemi, being an abusive big brother, tends to leave a negative impression. Nonetheless, it’s also true that he only wants to push Genya so hard so he’ll leave the Demon Slayer Corps, thus sparing him from the war against Muzan.

One fan shared, “It is also knowing that Sanemi was wrong, older brothers, please do not follow this example.” Another fan said, “I know he loves Genya, but blinding your brother is not the right decision.”

While many are against his actions, some still speak up for him. “People will call him crazy, but as someone with four siblings, I can confirm that this means we love each other,” said another.

One fan also shared, “I know, right? He was too real here. But he just wants his brother to have a long life and not to die on the battlefield.”

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