WoW Chains of Domination Korthia guide: Assault Supply Carriage, flying & alt skip tips

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With World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion, WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination, comes Korthia, the elusive City of Secrets. Here’s everything you need to know, including how to unlock it, where it is, and how to complete the pesky Assault Supply Carriage quest.

One of the integral parts of the WoW Shadowlands story is the infamous Maw. Home to the title’s main antagonist, the Jailer, alongside the terrifying prison, Torghast, players were excited to see the hellish realm evolve with the Chains of Domination update.

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Turns out fans have got what they wished for in the form of the game‘s new zone, Korthia, the Shadowlands’ City of Secrets. Formerly situated in the In-Between, the realm fell victim to the chains of the Jailer and was subsequently absorbed into The Maw.

If you’re looking to unshackle the city from the Chains of Domination, here’s everything you’ll need to know.


WoW Shadowlands KorthiaBlizzard Entertainment
While Korthia now lies at the heart of the Maw, it was once a bustling metropolis.

How to unlock Korthia in WoW Shadowlands

While you can delve into the ashes of this once-proud city simply by heading south of the Beastwarren area of the Maw, Korthia will be bare of any character. In order to breathe some life into these mysterious streets, you’ll need to complete Chapter 2 of the Chains of Domination questline.

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Entitled Maw Walkers, you’ll have to plow your way through the Chapter’s first two major quests before you’re able to catch a glimpse of the city.

Here’s how to unlock Korthia in WoW Shadowlands:

  1. Ensure that you have completed Shadowlands Chapter 2: Torghast from the Covenant Campaign. Otherwise, you’ll need to do this first.
  2. Complete the Opening the Maw and Link to the Maw quests.
  3. Once done, travel to The Maw and speak to Ve’nari.
  4.  Take the Animaflow Teleporter and follow Ve’nari. 
  5. Ta da! You’re in Korthia!

From here, completing the Opening to Oribos quest will allow you to set up a two-way portal in the Ring of Transference, allowing you to travel back and forth at your leisure. Also, an Animaflow Teleporter to Ve’nari’s Refuge will open after completing Ease of Passage in Chapter 3.

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WoW Shadowlands FlyingBlizzard Entertainment
You can take to the skies of Korthia in style, but you’ll need to complete a few tasks first.

How to fly & mount in Korthia

While at long last flight has come to the Shadowlands, The Maw remains impenetrable for your mounts. Luckily, though, battling through Chapter 2 will allow you to unlock the True Effects of the Maw Walker attribute to negate this.

Additionally, if you’re looking to take to the skies in style you’ll need to make sure you pick up the Dusklight Razorwing mount by collecting the Razorwing eggs.

Can I skip to Korthia on alternate WoW Shadowlands accounts?

If you’ve already completed the Chains of Domination storyline and are looking to pick up some of the campaign’s treasures on your alt accounts, you’re in luck!

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In order to skip the events of Chains of Domination, you have to complete Chapter 3: Focusing the Eye. From here, all you need to do is:

  1. Speak to Bolvar Fordragon in Oribos.
  2. Start the 9.1 Covenant Campaign.
  3. Select “I have heard this tale before.
  4. You will respawn at the start of the Korthia Awaits quest.
  5. How to complete the Shaping Fate: Assault Supply Carriage quest

    WoW Shadowlands Assault Supply CarriageBlizzard Entertainment
    Assaulting the supply carriage might seem like an easy quest, but it’s much trickier than it looks!

    In order to complete the Shaping Fate quest and finally free Korthia from the Jailer’s clutches, you’ll need to weaken his influence over the area. One of the tasks you’ll need to complete is Assault Supply Carriage, but boy is it a tough one.

    The carriage is located head North of Korthia and into the Beastwarrens as shown on the map above. Here, you’ll find the carriage.

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    Fighting off the hordes can be pretty difficult, so here are our main tips:

    • Come prepared – while Wicklick, the carriage’s owner, will help you fend off an onslaught of the Maw’s hellish minions, make sure you’ve got enough health and mana restorers.
    • Beware the Carriage Crusher – towards the end of your journey you’ll face the fearsome Carriage Crusher. This undead fiend uses chains to bind his enemies, so make sure you silence or interrupt him before his stun hits.
    • Keep kiting! – The Crusher deals mainly melee damage, so make sure you get out of the way of him by alternating between running and attacking.

    So that’s everything you need to know about Korthia, as well as how to free it from the Jailer’s grasp!

    If you’re looking to etch your name into the Shadowlands’ history books, we’ve got a selection of handy guides to help you conquer the Jailer:

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