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How to complete A Suitable Demise in WoW Chains of Domination

Published: 8/Jul/2021 11:53

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft’s newest WoW Shadowlands expansion, Chains of Domination and the Sanctum of Domination raid, have introduced hundreds of new quests, including the tricky A Suitable Demise. 

As the World of Warcraft universe continues to expand with the release of WoW Shadowlands’ new content patch, Chains of Domination, players are taking to the deserted plains of the Maw to uncover its treasures.

While the likes of Korthia and Tazavesh are packed full of new quests to sink your teeth into, one of the most difficult lies at the heart of the Maw: A Suitable Demise.

Turns out, though, this isn’t a walk in the metaphorical part. So, we’ve outlined how to complete A Suitable Demise right here so that you can continue on your WoW journey.


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As the Jailer’s grip around Azeroth tightens, it’s up to you to bring him down once and for all.

A Suitable Demise WoW Shadowlands Quest

In order to start A Suitable Demise, you’ll need to make your way to Ve’nari’s Refuge where you’ll meet the elusive creature herself. It’s here that your quest begins.

The task is this: “throw five Soulforged Cores into Soulforges in Zovaal’s Cauldron in The Maw.” Sound easy? Not quite.

In order to complete the quest:

  1. Speak to Ve’nari to get the quest.
  2. Travel to Zovaal’s Cauldron. 
  3. Defeat five Magmic Flamebenders to obtain the Soulforged Cores.
  4. Select the cores and use the floor marking to aim.
  5. Throw these into the Soulsteel Forges (coordinates below).
    • All five cannot be thrown into the one forge. You must use 5 separate forges.
  6. Return to Ve’nari to receive your rewards, and 75 Ve’nari reputation.

Soulsteel Forge Coordinates

Soulsteel Forge Coordinates
1 /way 35,9, 45,4
2 /way 35,0, 44,8
3 /way 36,5, 43,5
4 /way 32,5, 41,3
5 /way 36,2, 37,2

A Suitable Demise WoW Bugs

As players attempt to destroy the cursed Soulforged Cores once and for all, they’ve noticed that several bugs are causing this quest to malfunction.

Here’s a breakdown of the issues people are having, as well as tips for how to avoid them:


  • Soulsteel Forges appear intact even if used: Despite only being able to use them once, there’s no obvious change in the Forge once you’ve used it. Make sure you tick off each of the coordinates above once you’ve already visited to save you a pointless trip.
  • Loot one core at a time: It appears that you can often only loot one core at a time. Recover it, destroy it, then move onto the next one.
  • If an assault is in progress Magmic Flamebenders don’t spawn: when your Covenant assault is in progress the mobs will change and the Flamebenders won’t spawn. Therefore, you’ll only be able to complete the quest once the assault is over. It’s unclear whether this is intended, but we’ll have to see if Blizzard implement a fix.

So that’s everything you need to know about this particularly complex quest. If you’re looking to end the Shadowlands conflict in style, be sure to check out our other guides:

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