How to unlock Tazavesh in WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination

wow shadowlands tazaveshBlizzard Entertainment

With the release of World of Warcraft’s newest update, WoW Shadowlands: Chains of Domination, players will be desperate to unlock Tazavesh, the new mega-dungeon. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to do. 

As World of Warcraft’s new Shadowlands expansion, Chains of Domination, finally hits our screens, players everywhere are desperate to check out the new sights and cities of the war-torn realm.

One of the most highly-anticipated aspects of the new update is Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. Housing eight terrifying bosses for Mythic players to slay, the mega-dungeon has it all – including a pirate dragon. Yes, you read that right.

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Excited to delve into Tazavesh and uncover its mysteries? Well, we’ve got this quick and easy guide right here, with all the information you need.


wow shadowlands chains of domination tazaveshBlizzard Entertainment
Make sure you grab a drink with the brokers before diving into the bowels of Tazavesh – just make sure it isn’t poisoned…

How to unlock Tazavesh in WoW Shadowlands

If you’re looking to brave the perils of the Veiled Market, there are a few little tasks you’ll need to complete beforehand. These only take around 30 minutes, so it’s worth getting them out of the way!

In order to unlock Tazavesh in WoW Shadowlands’ Chains of Domination, you have to:

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  1. Visit Host Ta’rela (the innkeeper) in Oribos.
    • They can be found in The Idyllia.
  2. Complete the Al’ley Cat of Oribos quest, and its subquests.
  3. Once you’ve completed these, return to Oribos and speak to Ta’meri.
    • She can be found in the outer ring of Oribos.
  4. Take her ship through the In-Between to Tazavesh.
WoW Shadowlands TazaveshBlizzard Entertainment
This moonlight bathed dungeon looks beautiful, but is dominated by terrifying enemies.

How to activate Tazavesh on Hard Mode

Looking to take on the terrors of Tazavesh in style? Activating the mega-dungeon’s Hard Mode takes a couple of extra steps:

  1. Defeat Zo’Phex the Sentinel, the first boss.
    • His Impound Contraband ability takes players’ items and tosses them to the ground. Make sure you get them back, but also don’t run into his blades.
    • Zo’Phex’s Interrogation ability locks players in cells, so be sure to destroy these to save your allies from an ugly death.
  2. Go downstairs and bear right, where you’ll find the NPC called Questionable Trader.
  3. Buy the Fraudulent Credentials.
  4. Head to Au’Myza’s Oasis.
  5. Speak to Au’Munal, who will let you exchange your Fraudulent Credentials for Passably-Forged Credentials.
  6. Once you have these and have completed the Tazavesh: A Hard Bargain quest, ensure your instance is reset then enter the dungeon.
    • DO NOT restart the instance, otherwise, you’ll need to zone out and reset the entire dungeon.
    • DO NOT kill any bosses.
  7. Approach Fe’tajid at the dungeon’s entrance, as they will activate your Passably-Forged Credentials and turn your character model into a broker.
  8. A few more dialogue options, and Hard Mode is enabled!

While most of these are pretty straightforward, Zo’Phex takes his bouncer job pretty seriously. Make sure you’re well prepared to take on this terrifying four-legged monster.

So that’s it for Tazavesh! If you’re looking to keep up with all things Chains of Domination, be sure to visit our dedicated WoW main page!

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