Young Sheldon sequel theories explained

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Georgie and Mandy in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon’s prequel-sequel (yes, that’s a thing now) is greenlit—here’s every theory on what fans could see in the new spinoff.

While Sheldon’s childhood—and now immediate teenage—take center stage in a show specifically named after him, that doesn’t mean fans think he’s the most entertaining character in Young Sheldon.

Though some fans seem to have it in for other members of the Cooper household, such as Mary, others think the real star of the show is older brother Georgie.

Now creating a family of his own with partner Mandy and daughter Cece, fans are weighing in on what the Young Sheldon sequel might have in store—here’s what we know so far about the Young Sheldon sequel theories.

Young Sheldon sequel theories: Georgie and Mandy’s marriage

A still from Georgie and Mandy's wedding

As of Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 7, Georgie and Mandy are officially married. As the pair set off for their honeymoon they talk about their potential future — more kids, Mandy going back to work, and a possible relocation. What fans know with hindsight is that Georgie and Mandy’s marriage doesn’t last for long, with adult Georgie leaving a trail of ex-wives and girlfriends behind him by the time he arrives on The Big Bang Theory.

It remains to be seen how long the pair’s union will last, although it’s now confirmed that Mandy is indeed Georgie’s first wife. In a recent interview with TV Line, Emily Osment stated that she likes the idea of being Georgie’s “first wife and last wife,” hinting that the Young Sheldon sequel will go off-piste from previously established TBBT lore.

Mandy’s treatment of Georgie

Mandy in Young Sheldon

Even though the pair are getting their own Young Sheldon sequel, Georgie and Mandy’s relationship has always been a little “icky” for many fans. When the two met, Georgie—who at the time was 17—lied about his age in order to catch the attention of 29-year-old Mandy. By the time she realized the truth, Mandy was already pregnant. It’s possibly for this reason that the pair have a dynamic where Mandy is often incredibly hard on Georgie.

Given the Young Sheldon sequel is set to be filmed in a multi-cam format like The Big Bang Theory, it’s a safe guess that the storylines will go for the jugular compared to the family-friendly prequel. First on the chopping block? Georgie’s behavior, likely to be held vocally accountable every time he messes up. “I don’t want them to stay together, it’s a weird situation they’re in. He was adorable when with Veronica and when he was crushing on her, however with Mandy it feels incredibly nasty,” one fan sums up.

Cece’s future

Georgie and Mandy in Young Sheldon

For fans who have stuck around since the launch of The Big Bang Theory in 2007, it might come as a surprise that Georgie has a child—seeing as no children were ever mentioned when he was an adult. With the main series also suggesting that Georgie has between 2-3 ex-wives by the time he reunites with Sheldon, there’s a huge question mark looming over what actually happened to daughter Cece.

Given the real-life ages of the cast, it’s unlikely that the Young Sheldon sequel will move so-far forward in time that it shows Cece when she’s older, but it should give us some indication of where her future is going. Roughly speaking, we know that Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff is going to follow their life as a family unit, with one of the only points of similarity between the two of them being their flesh and blood.

How will the audience fit in?

Georgie and Mandy in Young Sheldon

One of the biggest sticking points for the Young Sheldon sequel is the revelation that it is going to be filmed in a multi-cam format—which means scenes will be shot on one set in front of an audience. While this was a chosen route for The Big Bang Theory, many Young Sheldon fans have appreciated that the prequel came away from that formula. So where will the audience fit in?

It’s still unclear if the sequel will have a laugh track, with fans rightfully explaining that a show being multi-cam doesn’t necessarily guarantee it. That being said, the sequel might be tonally similar to The Big Bang Theory if it’s playing for an older audience. However, this is all working on the idea that the current cast will carry over to the new show—we could see a completely fresh casting ready to take Georgie, Mandy, and Cece into a new era.

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