Young Sheldon Season 7 theories explained

Jasmine Valentine
Sheldon Cooper pondering science in Young Sheldon.

We can’t avoid the essential questions any longer… what will happen in the rest of Young Sheldon Season 7? Here are all of the current theories explained.

It’s time to face the music — in just 11 episodes time, Young Sheldon will be finished for good. Over the last six seasons, Sheldon has gone from a nine-year-old intellectual prodigy to a 14-year-old on the brink of an identity crisis.

The rest of the Cooper family haven’t had it easy either, most recently suffering at the hands of the tornado running rampant through Medford at the end of Season 6.

Now in the final stages, Young Sheldon Season 7 clearly still has a lot to answer for – here’s a full rundown of all current theories. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Will George actually cheat?

Lance Barber in Young Sheldon with Mary.

Even before Young Sheldon began, there’s been plenty of speculation surrounding George’s alleged affair. This is thanks to The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon recollects seeing George during an illicit encounter, though this has never been explored properly in the prequel. Judging by Sheldon’s memory, George’s affair should have happened by now, so why hasn’t anything been clarified?

Thanks to Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4, we finally have an answer to this one. It turns out that “Helga,” the other woman Sheldon saw George with, was actually Mary in a wig and dress she brought back from Germany as a surprise. This doesn’t just debunk the long-running theory that George cheated, but also offers clarity for Sheldon’s infamous three knocks.

Meemaw’s change in The Big Bang Theory

Meemaw and Dale in Young Sheldon Season 7

One of the biggest bugbears for fans of Young Sheldon is how much the character of Meemaw has changed by the time she’s seen in The Big Bang Theory. Sure, she still loves her Moonpie, but older Meemaw — played by June Squibb — has a bitter and nasty edge to her. After the events of Season 7 Episode 1, fans wondered if the unexpected change in her character stemmed from her tornado trauma.

As it stands, Meemaw has lost almost everything in the tornado. In fact, the only thing left standing is her secret gambling room hidden in the back of the laundrette. This sparks a huge shift in her relationship with Dale, who suggests that the pair move in together after Meemaw loses her house. On top of this, she’s later placed on house arrest after the gambling room is raided, landing her a community sentence. Could this have been the final straw for her kindness?

Sheldon’s journey to Caltech

Iain Armitage in Young Sheldon

As of Season 7 Episode 9, Sheldon’s fallback choice of Caltech is firmly set in stone after visiting his original choice of MIT and hating the bad weather. Episodes 11 and 12 look to set up Sheldon’s journey to California even further, but there are a few plot points to smooth over in order to effortlessly blend Young Sheldon into main series, The Big Bang Theory.

Now that we know Young Sheldon has filmed scenes in and around Caltech, we can therefore guess that the Season 7 finale is likely to include how Sheldon settled in there at the age of 14. But will this be before or after George’s death, and how many Big Bang references — and characters — will be included?

Georgie’s future

Georgie in Young Sheldon

Georgie and Mandy‘s family life has been turned upside down thanks to both getting married and losing their main source of income after the gambling room raid. In addition to this, their home life has been frequently tested by moving in with Audrey and Jim instead of the Coopers, causing the quartet to come to blows over how best to raise baby Cece. It’s yet to be explained where the couple will end up, but it needs to be thanks to the impending Young Sheldon sequel.

In order to keep fan opinion about Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage positive, Young Sheldon Season 7 will need to wrap up their story alongside leaving a few loose ends for new episodes. Due to start filming in July, it’s not thought that any other Cooper family members will be seen in the spinoff — so where do the newlyweds go from here?

Should we still hate Mary?

Mary in Young Sheldon

Another day, another Reddit thread that indicates Mary Cooper is the worst character in the prequel series. Out of everyone, she’s arguably shown the least amount of change since Season 1, keeping true to her Christian roots in spite of a few hiccups along the way. She serves as both a loyal wife and mother — but is she really going anywhere during Season 7?

Currently, Mary doesn’t have any significant storylines in Young Sheldon Season 7 that solely revolve around her. This could be due to the writers listening to fan feedback, or just could be the nature of the beast. One fan points out “I don’t get this. It’s a sitcom and it’s not that deep. She’s the way she is for the comic effect. I don’t understand getting so emotional about the characters.”

Missy’s redemption arc

Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon

In the complete opposite vein, Missy Cooper is already barreling towards the redemption arc that many fans saw coming when original promos for the series were released. Particularly during Seasons 5 and 6, Missy was hugely overlooked at home, prompting her to act out by committing rebellious acts — sometimes with the help of Paige. Now Mary isn’t at home, Missy has taken on the role of housekeeper and caregiver, even if she is already resenting it.

So where does Missy go from here? In a best-case scenario, she is finally able to step out from under Sheldon’s shadow while he’s not around, repairing her relationships with her family and friends. However, she could also easily follow Mary’s path, becoming underappreciated on a whole new level while at home.

George’s death

Sheldon and his father in Young Sheldon in their pjs.

The elephant in the Season 7 room is the impending death of George, who we know dies when Sheldon is 14 thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Creators have now confirmed that George’s funeral will take place in Season 7 Episode 13, but details surrounding how he dies — and how they handle it — have been kept under wraps.

Ever since Season 7 was first announced, fans have been rife with their own theories. “I could see them addressing it only in Sheldon’s closing voiceover for the series,” one guess suggests, while another muses “I imagine it will either be heavily inferred at the end of a season finale, or a future season premiere will begin with a funeral episode.”

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