Young Sheldon fans share one reason they’re “very upset” about spinoff

Jasmine Valentine
Georgie and Mandy in Young Sheldon

Last week the Sheldon-verse expanded with another spinoff, but fans are already “very upset” with one key detail.

Both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon have been fan-favorite watches since their inception, with the latter about to come to an end with its seventh season.

However, it’s not all bad news for fans, with yet another spinoff announced off the back of Young Sheldon’s departure.

Focusing on a different set of characters, fans already have criticism about the impending series, claiming to be “very upset” for one particular reason.

Young Sheldon fans “upset” about spinoff for this reason

Young Sheldon fans are already “very upset” about the franchise’s new spinoff thanks to the decision to shoot it as a multi-cam sitcom.

“I’m very upset that they are doing the Georgie and Mandy spinoff as a multi-cam sitcom,” OnlyMyOpinions wrote on Reddit. “I absolutely love their story but I absolutely hate multi-cam sitcoms. The laugh tracks and cheap sets are so outdated and bad. I just want them to keep the single cam and it would be the perfect show.”

“The one thing to know about the multi-cam is that it makes the production much faster. TBBT could tape an episode in a matter of 2-4 hours. On YS, a dinner scene alone can take that long. Plus the editing takes a lot longer,” another user explained.

“One of the main reasons that YS was a single cam was to take the pressure off the child actors. Doing a show live is a lot different for them. It also allows for the darker topics to be treated a bit more seriously without the need for comedy. Assuming that a lot of the same writers are going to be doing the show, some of them have been in this universe a long time and have a lot of multi-cam writing behind them. I believe that whatever they choose to do works for them and the show.”

“Love the idea, but dear god I hope they toss the multi-cam laugh track BS,” a third user weighed in. “I honestly cannot stand these types of shoes anymore, and it’s only partially because of how intrusive and annoying the laugh track is. I don’t get why they can’t just keep it a single-cam comedy, so they can reuse most of the sets from Young Sheldon.

“Obviously I still imagine MeeMaw and Mary (and maybe Missy occasionally) could appear, so why not keep it single cam for when those cameos inevitably happen? As well as the fact that I fucking loath the multi-cam laugh track duo. Maybe we’ll get lucky and CBS has them rework the show to be more like Young Sheldon. Who knows.”

Regardless of filming decisions, fans still seem incredibly excited about the depiction of Georgie and Mandy’s family life – especially given how things might end in Young Sheldon Season 7.

“Yes! Georgie’s perfect for this,” one fan argued. “He’s the right age, he and Osment have the personality to carry the show for a while, we don’t know much about Georgie so the storyline is wide open, and his rise to the biggest tire distributor in Texas had to have some fun and conflict. This is perfect.”

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