Best new movies streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu & more in June 2024

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Glen Powell in Hit Man

Want to stay up to date with all the new movies to stream? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all the new releases dropping on streaming services in June 2024, with the best movies to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more.

As much as you want to devote every waking second to being in the cinema, sadly, life gets in the way sometimes. Luckily, there are an abundance of streaming platforms like Netflix out there to help you catch up.

Naturally, you have to wait a few months for the best new movies to arrive on your preferred platform. Sometimes, this requires a spot of shuffling among your streaming service subscriptions to catch everything you want.

Well, we just made that shuffle a lot easier. Here are all the best new movies to stream in June 2024, including an awkward rom-com starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman, a highly rated new flick from Richard Linklater, and an Oscar-nominated effort from Wim Wenders.

New movies streaming on Netflix in June 2024

Cold Copy (June 1): Jacob Tremblay and Bel Powley star in this movie about a journalist who takes on a student, with the youngster discovering his new boss is manufacturing stories for the press.

Strawberry Shortcake’s Summer Vacation (June 1): Does what it says on the tin, really. An animated movie about the titular children’s TV character as she takes a holiday.

Anti Hero (June 4): A Japanese movie about an underdog lawyer who manages to win a case against a notoriously tough judge.

The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance (June 4): An Italian comedy about a grandmother who falls for a suspicious young man, and her family try to protect their inheritance.

How to Rob a Bank (June 5): Documentary about the world’s best bank robber and his final heist.

Under Paris (June 5): A French horror movie about a scientist who discovers there is a shark feasting on human victims in Paris.

Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura (June 6): Two Netflix anime series collide in this huge crossover event.

Basma (June 6): A young woman returns to her family in Jeddah, only to discover they have been hiding the truth from her.

Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money (June 6): Brazillian crime documentary centering on a major corruption scandal in black market currency.

Rafa Marquez: El Capitan (June 6): Documentary about the iconic Mexican footballer and coach, Rafael Marquez.

Hit Man (June 7): The new movie from acclaimed director Richard Linklater, starring Glen Powell and Adria Arjona.

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors (June 12): Netflix Original documentary on Emperor Qin’s tomb in China.

Remembering Gene Wilder (June 13): Documentary about the beloved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor.

Tell Them You Love Me (June 14): A new true crime documentary about Anna Stubblefield, a university professor who starts a controversial affair with Derrick Johnson, a non-verbal black man with cerebral palsy.

Ultraman: Rising (June 14): Animated movie from the creator of the brilliant Kubo and the Two Strings, based on the classic Japanese character.

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution (June 18): A documentary about LGBTQ+ comedians.

Black Barbie: A Documentary (June 19): Covers the story of Mattel’s changes to their famous doll thanks to the efforts of three women.

Inheritance (June 19): A Polish comedy about a family solving puzzles to unlock the secrets to their their rich uncle passing away, and how to claim his money.

Kleks Academy (June 19): Another Polish effort, as this family movie smash has a girl trying to find her missing father, when she is invited attend a magical academy led by the quirky Mr. Kleks.

The Accidental Twins (June 20): Colombian documentary about identical twins switched at birth.

Trigger Warning (June 21): Jessica Alba stars in this action-thriller about a Special Forces operative taking down a violent gang.

Drawing Closer (June 27): Japanese drama movie about 17-year-old Akito, who has just one year left to live, and discovers new meaning in life.

A Family Affair (June 28): After working for, and hating, a movie star (Zac Efron), Zara (Joey King) is horrified to learn her mother (Nicole Kidman) has entered into a passionate relationship with her former boss. We’ve got plenty more details on A Family Affair, too.

New movies streaming on Max in June 2024

Problemista (June 28): Just the one new film coming to Max this month, and it’s an A24 movie starring Tilda Swinton, which is never a bad thing. Problemista is a similar vibe to The Devil Wears Prada, with Swinton playing an eccentric toy designer.

New movies streaming on Disney Plus in June 2024

Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation (June 7): Cricket ruins the family vacation, and tries to put things right by signing the family up for an experimental farming mission in space.

Protecting Paradise: The Story of Niue (June 8): Niue invites Pristine Seas back to the one of the world’s largest marine protected areas eight years on, to see how things can be improved.

Clotilda: The Return Home (June 18): A documentary about Clotilda, the last slave ship to set sail, focusing on descendants of survivors from that final voyage.

New movies streaming on Prime Video in June 2024

Means Girls musical movie poster

Mean Girls (June 4): The new, musical version of the classic teen comedy. Check out our Mean Girls cast guide for more on that one.

Power of the Dream (June 18): A documentary about the rise of the Women’s NBA.

Federer: Twelve Final Days (June 20): Acclaimed documentarian Asif Kapadia is back, this time covering the final moments of the legendary Roger Federer’s incredible tennis career.

I Am Celine Dion (June 25): Documentary about iconic musician, Celine Dion, as she battles Stiff Person Syndrome.

New movies streaming on Peacock in June 2024

Cocaine Bear header image

Unfortunately, there are no 2024 releases heading to Peacock this month. Cocaine Bear does arrive on June 14, though, if you want to see some crazy antics from last year.

New movies streaming on Hulu in June 2024

Koji Yakusho in Perfect Days as Hirayama.

Perfect Days (June 6): We’ve been waiting for a chance to watch Perfect Days again, ever since it was Oscar-nominated earlier this year. The new movie from legendary director, Wim Wenders.

Origin (June 10): The new movie from Ava DuVernay, a biographical drama about Isabel Wilkerson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

Marmalade (June 21): A romantic heist movie starring Stranger Things cast member, Joe Keery, Aldis Hodge, and Camila Morrone as the titular muse for Keery’s Baron.

Prey (June 22): Action-thriller starring Ryan Phillippe, Mena Suvari, and Emile Hirsch, as a plane crashes and leaves survivors to fight for their lives against the big cats of the Ngala Reserve.

Red Right Hand (June 28): Orlando Bloom stars in this action-thriller about a man trying to escape a life of crime, before being pulled back in and proving he still has the skills needed to protect his town and his family.

New movies streaming on Apple TV+ in June 2024

Bread & Roses (June 21): A documentary fresh off buzz from Cannes, exploring the experiences of Afghanistan women’s under the Taliban in Kabul.

Fancy Dance (June 28): When her sister goes missing, Jax (Lily Gladstone) looks after her niece while trying to work out the mystery of her sibling’s disappearance.

That’s all the new movies to stream this month across the various platforms. For more recommendations, check out the new TV shows streaming or the most anticipated anime coming this year. And, we’ve also got a list of all the most binge worthy TV shows you can watch right now.

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