Every Spider-Man movie ranked from worst to best

Stills from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures

With Spider-Man 2 swinging onto consoles, we have ranked all 10 big-screen movies from the friendly neighborhood hero. “We are who we choose to be, now choose.”

In recent cinematic history, very few characters have been revisited as often as Spider-Man. The web-headed hero has dominated the superhero space since Tobey Maguire’s first outing on the big screen back in 2002.   

With great power, comes great responsibility, and taking on the mantle of Spider-Man is no exception. Since Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have also had their time swinging from rooftops, while Shameik Moore voiced the animated incarnation, Miles Morales. Each actor has made their mark on the beloved comic book character, yet, while some movies will be forever worshipped in the fandom, others are best forgotten. 

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For some fans, Spider-Man: No Way Home is unrivaled, especially since it became one of the highest-grossing films of all time, yet the new Spider-Verse sequel might just have stolen the top spot. So, as gamers across the world dive, swing, and fly through New York in Spider-Man 2, this is a definitive ranking of all of the beloved hero’s movies.

Spider-Man movies ranked from worst to best

Below, you’ll find our ranking of every Spider-Man movie ranked from worst to best. You can also find out how to watch the movies in order here.

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10. Spider-Man 3 

The black suit in Spider-Man 3Sony Pictures

Think emo Tobey Maguire. Finger guns. Saturday Night Fever. Spider-Man 3 is immortalized as pure cinematic chaos, confusion, and disappointment. 

After the success of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, there were high expectations for Sam Raimi’s threequel. However, Raimi deviated from his formula in 2007 under the pressure to expand the franchise, and the quality suffered. 

The quiet-spoken neighborhood Spider-Man was pushed into the background of his own movie, as a symbiote fell down from space and Venom possessed him. 

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Alongside this battle between good Peter and bad, Venom Peter, Thomas Haden Church was introduced as Sandman, and threw another underdeveloped villain into the mix who didn’t live up to the gravitas of his predecessors.  

While it might be the worst Spider-Man movie, it definitely takes the title for the most meme-able.  

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9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

A still of The Amazing Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sunk under the pressure to become the foundation for Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe. 

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Andrew Garfield’s 2014 sequel swiftly introduced three iconic villains, Electro (Jamie Foxx), Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), and briefly Rhino (Paul Giamatti) as a means to work up to a Sinister Six spin-off.  

As a result, the movie is over-stuffed with characters and half-baked plots, that detract from the heart of Peter’s emotional story. 

Garfield’s chemistry with Emma Stone as Gwen is arguably the strongest element of these movies. It leads to one of the most heart-wrenching moments in the entire Spider-Man universe, Gwen’s death, which is beautifully revisited with more space for reflection in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

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8. The Amazing Spider-Man 

The final shot of The Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures

In some ways, The Amazing Spider-Man was set up to fail. It was released only five years after Maguire’s trilogy ended, which is fast for reboots even in 2023 and inevitably, comparison was rife. 

Marc Webb attempted to steer a fresh take on the well-known origin story, without deviating too much from the fan-favorite elements that made Raimi’s trilogy a success. As a result, The Amazing Spider-Man struggled to stand on its own as a worthwhile addition to the franchise. 

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Despite its mixed reception, Garfield made a strong debut as the quirky, trendy hero who is grappling with his childhood grief, as he follows in his late scientist dad’s footsteps. He captured a lightness to Peter in his quick wit, fast-movements and embodied a vivacious energy, which Maguire’s version was sorely lacking. 

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7. Spider-Man: Far from Home 

Mysterio and Peter in Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony Pictures

In 2019, Spider-Man: Far From Home had to continue Peter’s story and address the repercussions of the catastrophic events in Avengers: Endgame. 

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Tom Holland’s Peter had lost his mentor Tony Stark, Stark’s former employees had repurposed and weaponized his technology to create a world-ending threat, and the young Avenger was left to face new world alone. All while Peter traveled through Europe with his friends, and dealt with the awkward teenage struggle of having feelings for his friend MJ. 

As the first movie to be released after Endgame, Holland’s second solo outing as Spider-Man holds up well. It offered some light relief that only Spider-Man can provide and resolved some unanswered questions about the blip from the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

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Jon Watts’ movies also have the benefit of being part of a wider universe, with more material to draw from to build a new perspective of how a kid from Queens in spandex fits in amongst gods and billionaires. 

Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal’s villain, Mysterio, divided fans. It didn’t sit right that Peter handed over Tony Stark’s legacy to a man he’d only just met, even though he was set up as an obvious bad egg, behind the smoke and mirrors of his heroics. 

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6. Spider-Man  

Spider-Man and Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002)Sony Pictures

When the first Spider-Man was released in 2002, the superhero genre was also at the start of a remarkable origin story of its own. Marvel had already released X-Men, but other than that the contemporary superhero slate was clean and in need of modernization. 

Peter’s coming-of-age story laid a foundation for Spider-Man movies and remains one of the benchmarks for a successful superhero film. Grounded in his human nature of self-doubt and the inability to adapt to adulthood, Peter was a relatable, everyday version of the comic book hero. 

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It also moved away from superhero movies being a genre of their own, to become a blockbuster that could rival any other action movie. Spider-Man also benefitted from a stellar cast with outstanding performances such as Willem Dafoe as the blood-curdling cackling Green Goblin. 

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5. Spider-Man: Homecoming 

Tom Holland in Spider-Man HomecomingSony Pictures

Tom Holland’s first standalone movie in 2017, Spider-Man: Homecoming remains one of the best. Holland had the benefit of being an appropriate age for the role, which meant he quickly became the embodiment of Peter Parker as an awkward, bright, teenager.  

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Instead of being a hero forged through the trauma of losing Uncle Ben (historically), Peter is an over-keen kid who is scouted and guided by Tony Stark and dreams of becoming a fully-fledged Avenger. Equally, as Spider-Man is introduced in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, it wiped out the need to remake the already over-done traditional origin movie. 

In a universe where Thor and Captain America exist, the stakes feel higher when young Peter is faced with the threat of Michael Keaton’s Vulture who wields unstable alien technology. Homecoming is a fun-filled dive into Peter Parker’s world that is filled with like-minded friends, mentors, and emotional conflicts that become the basis of his arc within the MCU. 

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4. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man and Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2Sony Pictures

In 2004, Raimi returned for Maguire’s second stint in the red and blue suit for Spider-Man 2. Under the helm of the same director, the sequel exceeded the standard established in the first. 

Peter is burdened with the stress of adult responsibilities, alongside living his double life. This isn’t the portrayal of an untouchable, superhuman, but a man struggling to live up to his own potential and come to terms with his life not working out the way he thought it would. Peter is estranged from Mary Jane, cut off from Harry living with the weight of his father’s death and burdened with his own guilt from Ben’s death.  

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The bleak humanization of Peter arguably makes him even more relatable, as it’s easier to emphasize with his real-world struggles. 

Spider-Man 2 also introduced Alfred Molina into the fold as vulnerable Dr Otto Octavius corrupted by his own artificial intelligence in the mechanical arms he’s become one with. 

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3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The 'What's Up Danger' scene in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseSony Pictures

In 2018, Spider-Man soared to new heights as it made its big-screen debut as an animated feature. It’s difficult to follow three memorable live-action incarnations and eight Spider-Man movies, but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a masterpiece.

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With inspired comic book visuals, an unrivaled colorway, and fresh new Spidey variants, Into the Spider-Verse captures the essence of the comics with a contemporary, fresh twist. 

Spider-People co-exist and team up from across their parallel universes. Marvel is not constrained by the canon or live-action limitations and Into the Spider-Verse is a celebration of diversity and its own wide-spanning archive as Spider-Gwen arrives, Spider-Ham and young Miles Morales became Spider-Man. 

The action-packed epic and its compelling story of hope, redemption and stepping into your unique identity, has secured a long-lasting future for the franchise.  

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2. Spider-Man: No Way Home 

All three Spider-Men in Spider-Man: No Way HomeSony Pictures

There is a different expectation for a final instalment in a trilogy, especially in the MCU. A threequel has to close the character’s arc, set up a new phase and touch on any ongoing narratives in the wider universe… and Spider-Man: No Way Home delivers. 

The movie exceeded the already sky-high fan expectations and resolved some unfinished elements from both Garfield and Maguire’s incarnations such as Garfield’s Peter got to save Holland’s MJ, when he couldn’t save his own.  

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It’s a love letter to Spider-Man fans that revisited some of the best aspects of all eight live-action movies. It will be hard to rival the sheer childlike joy at seeing all three Spider-Man’s join forces, as they swing in unison around the Statue of Liberty. Underneath the blockbuster scale, the return of fan-favorite villains and a stellar ensemble is Holland’s Peter shattered by grief and the guilt of his own mistakes. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be remembered as a milestone in the MCU, and the Spider-Man franchise, as it set out to honor every past and present incarnation of a comic book character, to celebrate not only what they gave to the role, but to fans too.  

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1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Miles Morales in the Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse trailerSony Pictures

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is an unparalleled animation, that somehow manages to eclipse the sensational first venture into the Spider-Verse. 

The recent sequel has opened to acclaim as Miles faces the complications of growing up while leading a double life. He reunites with his own Spidey variants, and each of them are given their own space to shine. It doubles down on the message that anyone can become a Spider-Person, as it’s your individuality that sets you apart and makes you stronger. 

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The vivid colors and striking visuals make it a standout addition to the franchise, which manages to balance honoring the comics and evolving the franchise more than any other Spider-Man movie. 

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Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation 5 now. Every Spider-Man movie can also be bought or rented via Amazon Prime, which you can sign up for here.

You can find out what we know about Beyond the Spider-Verse here and check out our Spider-Man 2 coverage below:

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