‘Look at the Flowers’ movie explained: Bitch, TWD & more

Cameron Frew
The "look at the flowers, Lizzie" moment in The Walking Dead and Brighton Sharbino in Bitch

If you’ve seen a clip from a movie on TikTok that’s seemingly called “look at the flowers, Lizzie” or “when mom is away”, you’re not alone — there’s a simple explanation for everything, and it all revolves around Bitch and The Walking Dead.

Netflix may be the biggest streaming service in the world, but its main competitor isn’t Disney Plus or Prime Video: it’s TikTok, attracting billions of views every day and spiking interest in random movies and TV shows.

It can be a great thing: creepy horror short films like Special Day and Backstroke have found an audience on the platform years after they first emerged online. However, more often than not, films and TV episodes are chopped up into parts and uploaded… and the caption doesn’t tell you any details, including their actual titles.

This one is a doozie, as it’s spread across TikTok with all sorts of wild captions and comments, with one linking it to The Walking Dead. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What is the “Look at the Flowers” movie?

The clips you’ve seen online are from Bitch, a 2017 movie. There is no film called “Look at the flowers, Lizzie.”

Here’s what’s happened: Bitch stars Brighton Sharbino as Tiffany, the daughter of Jill (Marianna Palka). Her mother has a mental breakdown, tries to commit suicide, and eventually assumes the persona of a dog to cope with the stresses of everyday life — yeah, it’s wild.

So, what does this have to do with someone called Lizzie? Well, that’s the name of the character Sharbino played in The Walking Dead. In Season 4 Episode 14, titled ‘The Grove’ — spoilers ahead! — Carol takes her outside to gather some flowers for Mika (who she just stabbed to death). As she points the gun at her head, Lizzie cries and apologizes — but Carol just tells her, “Look at the flowers, Lizzie” before pulling the trigger.

As Sharbino appears in several clips from Bitch that have appeared on TikTok of late, fans of The Walking Dead have commented “look at the flowers” beneath each one, with some even linking to a separate video of her death in the series. This has confused people, with many seeming to think that was the actual name of the movie — it definitely isn’t.

What is the “When mom is away” movie?

Again, there is no movie called “when mom is away” — this is still Bitch.

This one is a bit harder to pin down, but unlike “look at the flowers”, it appears to be nothing more than an incredibly short (and hilariously misleading) description of the movie’s plot. For example, another caption on a clip with millions of views reads: “What will happen to this man’s family after losing this wife #movie.”

How to watch Bitch

Bitch is available to stream via Freevee on Amazon Prime, as well as Peacock and Vudu.

You can also watch it (with ads) on Tubi, and buy or rent it digitally via Amazon and other on-demand platforms

Is Bitch worth watching?

Bitch has a 67% score on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s technically Fresh — but its audience rating is currently sitting at 30%.

The New York Times gave it a positive review, calling it a “satirical scream of rage against patriarchal prerogatives… this feminist horror-comedy, written and directed by Ms. Palka, has a vicious edge that can stifle your laughter.”

The Village Voice’s write-up was less kind, writing: “While it’s refreshing to see a portrait of a woman’s unraveling that doesn’t romanticize mental illness, and that’s actually directed by a woman, it’s easy to wish Bitch probed a bit deeper into the protagonist’s pre-dog life.”

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