New Across the Spider-Verse trailer has Mary-Jane, Spider-Cat & more

Daisy Phillipson
Spider-Cat in Across the Spider-Verse trailer

The third official trailer for Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse has arrived, teasing Mary-Jane, Spider-Cat, and more.

Let’s face it – there are few Spidey movies out there that are as much fun as Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, 2018’s Oscar-winning, animated masterpiece. 

There’s so much to love about the movie, from its fantastic style and winning soundtrack to the original narrative. What’s more, the animated format allowed for way more creative freedom, giving us a whole host of fun iterations of Spidey to explore. 

And with the sequel Across the Spider-Verse just around the corner, anticipation is building. 

New Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse trailer teases what’s to come

Check out the new trailer below:

On May 11, 2023, Sony Pictures dropped the third official trailer for Across the Spider-Verse, showing Miles Morales as he takes on the hilarious villain Spot, after he tries to use his multiversal powers to steal from an ATM. 

Morales is later transported to the Spider Society, where literally everyone is a form of Web-Slinger in their own separate dimensions. Here we meet Miguel O’Hara, who’s described as a “ninja, vampire Spider-Man but a good guy.”

Then there’s the washed-up Spidey Peter B. Parker – later on in the trailer, we see him caring for his baby alongside none other than Mary-Jane, who looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst’s iteration of the character. 

And there’s no doubt going to be a lot more laughs, with the teaser also showing a hilarious clip of Spider-Cat, as well as a fresh take on the “Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man” meme. 

In short, there’s a lot to be excited about. 

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse drops in cinemas on June 2, 2023. In the meantime, check out our other superhero hubs below:

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