Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse voice cast & characters

Cameron Frew
Gwen and Miles in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseSony Pictures

Here’s your guide to the voice cast in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, including a breakdown of all the major characters in the acclaimed sequel.

Into the Spider-Verse felt like it came from another dimension with its the eye-popping, dynamic animation, deft, unrivaled navigation of multiversal scrapes, and, despite its juggling act, delivery of a rousing origin story for an immediate all-time-great Spider-Man.

Five years later, Across the Spider-Verse arrived, the first of the two-part closer to the trilogy that seems to have exceeded all expectations; some reviews have described it as not only the best comic book film of the year, but the greatest animated movie ever made.

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With the movie now available on Prime Video, here’s all the major characters you need to know in the cast of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Spoilers to follow!


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse cast & characters

Now, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse features a lot of people: 280 variations of Spider-Man, to be precise, 95 of whom are named, plus other villains and characters.

We’re not going to list all of them, but we’ll discuss the main players you should know, plus a rundown of others you should expect to see.

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Shameik Moore: Miles Morales / Spider-Man

Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseSony Pictures

Shameik Moore plays Miles Morales, a teenager bitten by an Alchemax genetically modified spider who took over the mantle of Spider-Man following the death of Peter Parker in his universe.

“I think it’s definitely a movie you’re going to have to watch more than once, or should watch more than once. Because this story, it’s bigger than Miles Morales… this film honors the Spider-Man franchise, and so it could feel like an explosion of Spider love,” Moore told Uproxx.

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Moore has also starred in Dope, The Get Down, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

Hailee Steinfeld: Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman

Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseSony Pictures

Hailee Steinfeld plays Gwen Stacy, aka Spider-Woman (or Spider-Gwen). In her universe, Gwen is bitten by the spider and becomes a superhero… but she loses her best friend, Peter Parker. She was sucked into Miles’ world in Into the Spider-Verse, and she’ll play a much larger role in the sequel.

“Their relationship has definitely evolved. They are going through a very similar part of life in this and they really have each other, as they always have, to lean on and to confide in. Yeah, they’re facing some wild responsibilities this time around,” she told Collider.

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Steinfeld is also part of the MCU, debuting as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye. She was also nominated for an Oscar for her performance in True Grit.

Jake Johnson: Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man

Peter B. Parker in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse castSony Pictures

Jake Johnson plays Peter B. Parker, the Spider-Man who trained Miles in Into the Spider-Verse. In the first film, he was haggard and tired of the superhero life, but we’ll meet him again in the sequel in a happy relationship with MJ – and they now have a baby, Mayday.

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In an interview with GAMINGbible, Johnson said: “I like that he’s growing. And he’s changing. And we’re seeing a version of Peter Parker that we’ve never seen. He’s a father. And it’s new. And so the idea of what would happen to him as his character evolves, feels really fun. Peter is on a whole other journey. But he is still, Peter B. Parker.”

Johnson is perhaps best known for playing Nick Miller in New Girl, but he’s also appeared in Get Him to the Greek, Jurassic World, and Tag.

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Oscar Isaac: Miguel O’Hara / Spider-Man 2099

Sony Pictures

Oscar Isaac plays Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, the Irish-Mexican futuristic hero first seen in the post-credits of the first film. He’s the leader of the Spider Society, a group of Spider-people devoted to protecting the multiverse – but he’s presented in a somewhat antagonistic way in the trailers.

Isaac has a wide-spanning filmography, including roles in Ex Machina, Dune, and Star Wars. He also made his MCU debut last year in Moon Knight.

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Jason Schwartzman: Dr. Jonathan Ohnn / The Spot

The Spot in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse castSony Pictures

Jason Schwartzman stars as Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, better known as The Spot. He’s covered in interdimensional portals that make him a formidable foe to anyone who faces him, and he’ll serve as the villain in the Across the Spider-Verse cast.

Schwartzman is known for his collaborations with Wes Anderson in Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Asteroid City. He also appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Brian Tyree Henry: Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse castSony Pictures

Brian Tyree Henry plays Jefferson Davis, Miles’ father and a police officer. In the first film, he’s not Spider-Man’s biggest fan, but he comes around on him by the end.

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Henry has two major comic book movies under his belt: Eternals and Joker. He also appeared in Bullet Train and earned an Oscar nomination for Causeway.

Luna Lauren Vélez: Rio Morales

Rio Morales and Jefferson Davis in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse castSony Pictures

Luna Lauren Vélez plays Rio Morales, Miles’ mother in the Across the Spider-Verse cast.

Vélez has also starred in Dexter, New York Undercover, Oz, and Ugly Betty.

Issa Rae: Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew aka Spider-WomanSony Pictures

Issa Rae plays Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman. In Across the Spider-Verse, she’s an African American, pregnant superhero who rides a motorcycle and, curiously, wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider.

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Co-director Kemp Powers told Yahoo: “Just the idea of Spider-Woman going through motherhood [was] cool. And while Spider-Man is so much about secrecy, and hiding your secret identity, there was something really exciting about the idea of a Spider-Woman who doesn’t have a secret identity, who she is. She doesn’t even wear a mask. She just has on glasses. Everyone knows she’s Spider-Woman and it doesn’t matter.”

Rae is known for her roles in Insecure (which she co-created), The Hate U Give, Vengeance, and she’ll appear in Barbie later this year.

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Karan Soni: Pavitr Prabhakar / Spider-Man India

Spider-Man IndiaSony Pictures

Karan Soni plays Pavitr Prabhakar, aka Spider-Man India in the Across the Spider-Verse cast. He was first introduced in 2005, and he gets his powers after encountering an ancient yogi.

Soni is best known for playing Dopinder in the Deadpool movies (he’ll even return for the third entry), as well as appearing in 2016’s Ghostbusters and Detective Pikachu.

Daniel Kaluuya: Hobart ‘Hobie’ Brown / Spider-Punk

Hobie Brown aka Spider-PunkSony Pictures

Daniel Kaluuya plays ‘Hobie’ Brown, aka Spider-Punk, a homeless teenager who becomes a superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider as a result of Oscorp’s illegal waste dumping.

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Kaluuya is an Oscar-winning actor known for his performances in Get Out, Us, Judas and the Black Messiah, Widows, and Black Mirror.

Andy Samberg: Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly aka Scarlet SpiderSony Pictures

Andy Samberg plays Ben Reilly, aka Scarlet Spider, a clone of Peter Parker initially created in a lab to fight the original Spider-Man before becoming his ally.

Samberg is known for being a member of The Lonely Island, as well as starring in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Palm Springs, Hot Rod, and Saturday Night Live.

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Amandla Stenberg: Margo Kess / Spider-Byte

Spider-ByteSony Pictures

Amandla Stenberg plays Margo Kess, aka Spider-Byte, a cyberspace superhero from the future who fights criminals via virtual reality.

Stenberg has also starred in The Hate U Give, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Dear Evan Hansen, and My Animal.

Jorma Taccone: Vulture

Vulture fighting Spider-Man 2099Sony Pictures

Jorma Taccone plays Vulture, a new iteration of the iconic Spider-Man villain.

Taccone is known for working alongside Samberg as part of The Lonely Island, as well as starring in Hot Rod and Land of the Lost.

Zoë Kravitz: Mary Jane Parker

Mary Jane in the first Spider-Verse movieSony Pictures

Zoë Kravitz plays Mary Jane Parker, Peter’s wife and the mother of their child, Mayday.

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Kravitz made her debut as Catwoman in The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson, and she’s also starred in Big Little Lies, Mad Max: Fury Road, High Fidelity, and Kimi.

JK Simmons: J. Jonah Jameson

JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson in Spider-ManSony Pictures

JK Simmons reprises his role as J. Jonah Jameson, the barking, menace-crying editor of The Daily Bugle who appears in every universe in some form or another.

Simmons made his debut as the character in 2002’s Spider-Man, immediately becoming a fan favorite. He returned at the end of Far From Home, before turning up again in No Way Home.

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Jack Quaid: Peter Parker

Jack Quaid plays Gwen Stacy’s best friend Peter Parker on Earth-65. You can read more about his role in the movie here.

Spider-Verse 2’s directors Justin Thompson, Kemp Powers, and Joaquin Dos Santos were recently asked how many Spider-characters appear in the film.

“The exact number? Oh boy, we kept adding, like all the way up until the very end. Honestly, I’m gonna be level with you, we just finished the film, like in the last like two weeks, and I don’t think I’ve had time to pause and actually take a final count,” Thompson told Collider.

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“But I think it was about 280 the last time I looked in. Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean specific, unique characters that you might recognize, it might mean variations as well. But if you’re just talking about named characters, then I think there’s probably about 95.”

More Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse characters and cameos

Below, we’ve listed some of the other Spider-people and characters who appear in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse:

  • Cyborg Spider-Woman
  • Patrick O’Hara / Web-Slinger
  • Max Borne / Spider-Man 2211
  • Ezekiel Sims / Spider-Therapist
  • Takuya Yamashiro / Spider-Man from the 1978 Japanese TV series)
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man from Insomniac’s PlayStation video games
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man from the Spider-Man Unlimited TV series
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man from The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series
  • Peter Parker / Spider-Man from the Marvel Mangaverse
  • Otto Octavius / Superior Spider-Man
  • Doppelganger
  • Julia Carpenter / Spider-Woman
  • Kaine Parker / Scarlet Spider
  • Ashley Barton / Spider-Bitch
  • Flash Thompson / Captain Spider
  • Charlotte Webber / Sun-Spider
  • Maybelle Reilly / Lady-Spider
  • Spyder-Knight
  • Spidercide
  • Old Man Peter Parker
  • Earth X Spider-Man
  • Spider-Cop
  • Spider-Mechanic
  • Ultimate Tarantula
  • Pter Ptarker / Spider-Rex
  • Spider-Cat
  • LEGO Spider-Man

Donald Glover also reprises his Spider-Man: Homecoming role as Aaron Davis in a brief cameo, a character otherwise seen as The Prowler in the first movie. Peggy Lu makes a short appearance as Mrs. Chen from the Venom series, but Tom Hardy’s titular antihero doesn’t pop up.

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is available to rent on purchase online. Check out our other coverage below:

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