FUBAR ending explained: Does Boro die?

Daisy Phillipson
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in FUBAR on Netflix

FUBAR, a new action-comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is now on Netflix – so, how does the series end? Does Boro die, and does Luke win Tally back? We’ve got the answers. 

As per the official synopsis: “A CIA Operative on the verge of retirement discovers a family secret. Forced to go back into the field for one last job, the series tackles universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, action, and humor.”

Arnie stars as said CIA Operative, named Luke Brunner, who has been living a double life and is determined to win back his wife Tally (Fabiana Udenio). At the start of the series, we discover his seemingly naive daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro) has been doing the exact same thing. 

With FUBAR now available to watch on Netflix, we’ve broken down the ending, while looking at what happens to the Brunners, and whether the antagonist Boro (Gabriel Luna) meets his end. 

Warning: Spoilers for FUBAR ahead!

Does Tally get married?

For much of FUBAR, Luke’s in a tug-of-war with himself – on the one hand, he wants to win Tally back, and on the other, he doesn’t want to keep hurting her. The finale takes us to Tally’s wedding, where Luke is willing to let her go and allow her to enjoy a new life with Donnie (Andy Buckley).

“From the time we met, all I ever wanted was just for you to be happy, and I’m glad that that day has come for you,” he tells her. 


But when Tally leaves the room, he says to Emma, “I guess that’s it and that’s all” – his catchphrase for the series – but she’s having none of it, telling Luke that he’s Tally’s one true love, and she’s only marrying Donnie because he hurt her so badly. 

Although Emma and Carter (Jay Baruchel) accept their differences and that they’re not meant to be, clearly she doesn’t think things are over for her parents. 

Thanks to the advice, Luke has a change of heart and he storms into the backroom just before the wedding to tell Tally that he loves her and admit that he’s been a CIA agent this whole time. As a way of proving he’s telling the truth, he pulls out his National Distinguished Service Award medal and gifts it to her, asking: “Please, don’t marry Donnie.”

The ceremony gets underway as everyone else waits for Tally to walk down the aisle, but proceedings are cut short – as does Tally and Luke’s heart-to-heart – when a car bomb goes off outside. 

Emma pulls out her gun and goes into CIA mode, leaving Carter and Dannie understandably perplexed. But there’s no time for questions, as a gang of Boro’s gun-wielding cronies storm the church and open fire. An armed Luke comes in to join Emma as they take out the assailants, with the rest of the group using the pews to take cover. 

Is Boro dead?

Just when they think it’s all over, FUBAR drops its biggest twist: Boro is alive! Earlier on in the episode, Emma and Boro worked together to break out of the nuclear reactor facility where the latter had been working on his suitcase nuke. Luke remained above ground, attempting to help save his daughter from an imminent explosion. Despite promising Boro she’d save them both, Emma and Luke leave him behind, knowing that he wants them dead. 

Fabiana Udenio and Gabriel Luna in FUBAR on Netflix

Emma and Luke make their escape from the facility just in the nick of time; it blows up, seemingly killing Boro… but alas, their plan didn’t work. At the wedding, just after his cronies are killed, a badly burned Boro emerges from the backroom while holding a gun to Tally’s head. Luke tries to convince Boro to let her go and kill him, but Boro says he’ll only do it if the father and daughter shoot each other at the same time. 

Thankfully, Luke’s got an ace up his sleeve, only instead of an ace, it’s a sharp medal, and instead of his sleeve, it’s in Tally’s pocket. Just as it seems like he and Emma are going to shoot each other, Luke tells his ex-wife: “For everything that you’ve gone through with me, you deserve a medal… you hear me? A medal.” Remembering that it’s in her pocket, she pulls it out and stabs Boro in his leg before making her escape, allowing Emma and Luke to kill the villain – for reals, this time. 

What does FUBAR mean?

Just when you think it’s all over, Tina calls Luke and warns him that all of their identities have been burned – in other words, every criminal and terrorist the father and daughter have gone after during their CIA careers now know who they are, and the same goes for their family and friends. 

Their lives are in danger, so Tina organizes for a van to come and pick them up. As they drive away, Emma explains to Tally that Boro “could have sold our information to countless animals we’ve gone up against over the years.” Luke then explains that none of them can go home, stating: “Our houses, our bank accounts, all of our assets, we can’t even get close to it.”

Still from FUBAR finale on Netflix

They have no choice but to start afresh with new identities. And this is where the title of the series finally comes into play. When Tally asks, “So what do we do now?” Luke replies: “I don’t know… it’s totally FUBAR.” For those not in the know, FUBAR is a military acronym meaning “f*cked up beyond all recognition.” In this instance, the CIA operative is referring to their situation. 

And that is exactly where the series ends. Luke, Emma, Tally, Donnie, Carter, Barry (Milan Carter), Roo (Fortune Feimster), Aldon (Travis Van Winkle), and Oscar (Devon Bostick) are on the run, with who knows how many terrorists after them. This neatly sets up a second season, if it were to go ahead, as the series could turn its focus to another villain from Luke or Emma’s past, while also looking at where their new lives take them next. 

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