Fast X ending explained: How does Fast & Furious 10 end?

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Fast X, the 10th chapter of the Fast and Furious franchise, lives up to its promise of a shocking ending – here’s a breakdown of everything that happens. 

In our review, we wrote: “Fast X won’t welcome any new apostles to the familia’s way of cinema; this is a hysterical, NOS-fuelled ode to big-screen ridiculousness that’s beyond parody.”

After spending the past four movies chasing baddies obsessed with MacGuffins (Nightshade, God’s Eye, and Project Aries), this is a more personal affair: the villain is Dante, the son of the Brazilian drug lord robbed and killed in Fast Five, and he wants to make Dominic Toretto and his family suffer. Of course, this still involves street-racing and vehicular carnage. 

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Michelle Rodriguez and director Louis Leterrier boasted about the movie’s cliffhanger, and they certainly weren’t kidding – here’s what happens at the end of Fast X and how it sets up the next movie.

Fast X ending explained 

Dom is initially apprehended by Aimes, the Agency’s leader in lieu of Mr Nobody. However, after Dante’s men hit their vehicle with a rocket, they team up in order to survive. They make light work of everyone until Dante shows up with Isabel, Elena’s sister. He threatens to kill her, but Mr Nobody’s daughter Tess flanks him and makes him let her go. 

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Suddenly, a sniper in an overhead helicopter starts picking them off. Tess is shot first, then Aimes, and Dom runs to push Isabel out the way, giving Dante a chance to escape with God’s Eye after stealing it from Tess. Everyone lives: Isabel takes Tess to hospital and Aimes vows to help Dom get to his son before Dante, so they find a plane and fly to Portugal. 

Meanwhile, Roman, Tej, Ramsey, and Han try to secure guns and other equipment from a black market dealer in London known as “Bowie420” (played by Pete Davidson), but he slyly informs the Agency of their whereabouts, because the reward is “dope.” 

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They’re forced to seek out Deckard Shaw, who isn’t very happy to see Han. “You should have stayed dead, I don’t like repeating myself,” he says, before briefly duking it out. They’re interrupted by Agency troops, who they quickly dispatch. Tej and Ramsey then reveal to Shaw that the Agency is targeting anyone who’s ever worked with Dom, including his mother ‘Queenie’. He fills a bag full of weapons and supplies and heads off to “bury some graves”, while the rest of the group find a plane to get to Portugal. 

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After wiping out all the soldiers who tried to take Mia and “little B”, Jakob takes Brian to Portugal so they can link up with Dom. They take Jakob’s “cannon car” and manage to blast their way through waves of Dante’s men (all of whom are hostages, as he’s holding their family prisoner until he’s done with them).

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Dom eventually arrives, reversing out the back of a plane and dropping onto the road, but Dante manages to grab Brian off the back of Jakob’s car while he’s fixing the canons. Two helicopters fire cables into Dom’s car, but with the help of a wheelie and a NOS boost, he forces them to collide with each other, before spinning the fiery wreckage into Dante’s car. In the tailspin, little B manages to leap back to his dad. 

As they try to flee, Dom realizes he’s driving straight into a fresh fleet of enemy vehicles with no way around them. Jakob tells him it’s time to “step out of his shadow”, and uses his cannons to project himself and the car into the air, and straight into the squadron, causing a massive blast and sacrificing himself for his brother and nephew.

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They seem to have escaped, but it’s not over yet: Dom drives straight into Dante’s trap. He ends up at the top of a dam with two explosive-rigged oil trucks on either side of him. As Tej, Roman, Ramsey, and Han arrive, Aimes fires a rocket and downs their plane on the other side of the mountain – he was working with Dante since the beginning, with a partnership that started during the events of Fast Five. 

Dom drives his car off the dam as the trucks crash into each other, plummeting down the wall as flames rain down on them. They make a huge jump into the water below and swim to the surface – but, again, it’s not over yet. Dante planned this all along. “Your suffering has ended, it’s time for you to die,” he says, as the bombs all across the damn are revealed. Just before they detonate, we cut to black. Yep, really. 

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There’s one last scene before the credits: Letty and Cipher, who were locked up together in a black site before fighting and escaping together, climb out into Antarctica. As they walk over the hill, a submarine emerges from the ice, and the hatch on the top opens – it’s Gisele, somehow still alive after falling onto the endless runway in Fast & Furious 6. 

As for what happens in the post-credits scene, you can read more about that here

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