Fast X: Who does Alan Ritchson play?

Cameron Frew
Alan Ritchson as Aimes in Fast X

Fast X introduces a new villain, adds a few fresh members to the Furious family, and then there’s Alan Ritchson – so, who does the Reacher star play? 

In our review, we wrote: “Fast X won’t welcome any new apostles to the familia’s way of cinema; this is a hysterical, NOS-fuelled ode to big-screen ridiculousness that’s beyond parody.

The 10th and possibly penultimate entry sees the sins of Fast Five’s heist catching up to Dominic Toretto and co. in the form of Dante, the vengeful, eccentric son of the drug lord they crumpled with a safe. The movie follows them in a cat-and-mouse game across the globe, with Dante using every toy in his arsenal to make the family suffer, no matter where they are. 

While Kurt Russell’s Mr Nobody doesn’t make an appearance, Alan Ritchson makes his debut as a new character in the Fast canon – but who does he play?

Fast X spoilers to follow… 

Alan Ritchson in Fast X

Who does Alan Ritchson play in Fast X? 

Alan Ritchson plays Aimes, the new leader of the Agency in lieu of Mr. Nobody. However, he’s also revealed to be a villain. 

Mr Nobody is “in the wind”, nowhere to be seen after disappearing at the beginning of F9. His daughter Tess (Brie Larson) “comes out of the cold” after Dom and his team are framed for a terrorist attack in Rome, believing they should stand by them after all they’ve done – you know, saving the world multiple times. 

Aimes doesn’t agree. He thinks they’ve wreaked havoc across the world and they’ve been enabled by the Agency for far too long. “Everyone becomes family… it’s like a cult with cars. If it violates the laws of god and gravity, they did it twice,” he says. 

He plans to use God’s Eye – the all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing hacking software from Furious 7 – to find Dom’s team, but Tess steals it. He eventually apprehends Dom in Rio, but he enters an alliance with him after Dom saves his life from an attack by Dante and his men.

He gets Dom to Portugal, but after he finds his son, he reveals his true intentions: he’s been working with Dante since the beginning, and he shoots down Tej, Roman, Ramsey, and Han’s plane as they fly in to save Dom. 

Fast X ends on a whopper of a cliffhanger, and whatever happens in Fast and Furious 12, we can expect to see Aimes again. 

Fast X is in cinemas now, and you can check out the rest of our Fast and Furious 10 coverage below:

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