Demon Slayer: The only Upper Moon Muzan acknowledged

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An image of Muzan Kibutsuji from Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, despite being the strongest demons, the Upper Moons were looked down on by Muzan. The original demon often expressed his disappointment towards them. However, there’s one Upper Moon that Muzan acknowledged.

In Demon Slayer, the Twelve Kizuki is the most powerful group of demons that Muzan gathered to deal with the Demon Slayer Corps as well as help him find the Blue Spider Lily. 

Muzan, the series’ primary antagonist, is just as cruel to his subordinates as he is to his enemies. After the defeat of the Lower Five Rui, Muzan annihilated all the Lower Moons and only kept the Upper Moons to do his bidding. 

However, even then, he treats them horribly, never once acknowledging their efforts. Here’s what we know about the only time Muzan praised an Upper Moon in Demon Slayer.

The Upper Moon Four Hantengu helped Muzan with a method to conquer the sun

An image of Upper Moon Four Hantengu that attacked the Swordsmith Village

The Upper Moon Four Hantengu’s body is the size of a fist, yet he is one of the most powerful demons. He uses devastatingly powerful clones to fight for him. In the “Swordsmith Village Arc,” he attacks the villagers along with Gyokko.

During his fight with Nezuko, Hantengu pulls her toward the sun when he realises he cannot defeat her. Tanjiro, who sees all this play out, becomes terrified at the possibility of seeing Nezuko die. 

Since she’s a demon, she cannot survive under the sun. Tanjiro, unable to control his overwhelming grief, manages to kill Hantengu but mourns his sister’s death. However, Nezuko appears without her muzzle, standing under the sun and greeting her brother.

Since Muzan’s blood connects him to those he shares it with, he is always aware of the Upper Moon’s actions. Therefore, as soon as he sees Nezuko under the sunlight, he is ecstatic about the new development. He also compliments Hantengu, making him the only Upper Moon in Demon Slayer to gain acknowledgement from the original demon.

Muzan desperately wants to freely stand under the sunlight, which is why he seeks the Blue Spider Lily, the only way to achieve his goal. However, Nezuko’s new ability makes him realise that he can achieve his dream as long as he consumes her. Luckily, Muzan never gets to consume Nezuko and dies under the sun he feared for over 1000 years.

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