Demon Slayer: The Upper Moons in the Swordsmith Village Explained

An image of the Upper Moon demons Gyokko and Hantengu in Swordsmith Village

The appearance of the two Upper Moons in the Swordsmith Village has just made things worse for the demon slayers. Not to mention, these are much stronger than Gyutaro whom Uzui and Tanjiro’s team defeated back then.

The main plot of Demon Slayer follows the never-ending battle between demon slayers and immortal demons. These demon slayers risk their lives to protect humanity. Within their ranks, are the Hashira, who are renowned for their unrivalled fighting abilities. However, even the Hashira, the cream of the crop find themselves helpless against the overwhelming powers of the Upper Moon. 

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The first conflict with an Upper Moon is shown through the fight between Akaza, the Upper Three demon and Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. It ends with Rengoku’s defeat, which is still the most emotional moment in the series. Then, in the Entertainment District Arc, Uzui and Tanjiros’ team encounter Gyutaro, the Upper Six Demon. Even if Gyutaro is the weakest of the Upper Moons, defeating him was by no means an easy task. 

Though it ends with Uzui’s victory, he wouldn’t have survived if Nezuko hadn’t saved him with her powers. However, with a lost arm and a damaged eye, Uzui chooses to retire from the Demon Slayer Corps. With these incidents in mind, fans can’t help but imagine the worse for the demon slayers when two Upper Moons suddenly show up at the Swordsmith Village.

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Upper Moon Four Hantengu unveils his various personas in Swordsmith Village

An image of Upper Moon Four Hantengu that attacked the Swordsmith VillageCrunchyroll

The Upper Moon Four demon fights using the many clones he manifests from his emotions. He has seven personalities, namely; Hantengu, Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, Urogi, Zohakuten, and Urami. Hantengu’s primary form exhibits severe cowardice and anxiety. Sekido, as the personification of Hantengu’s rage, is constantly irritated, annoyed, and enraged, even towards his fellow clones. 

Karaku, as the manifestation of Hantengu’s relaxation, appears to be the most relaxed and laid-back of Hantengu’s clones. As a manifestation of Hantengu’s grief, Aizetsu appears completely depressed, sour, and negative, continuously condemning everything as dismal. Urogi, as a manifestation of Hantengu’s joy, is the most cheerful and giddy of Hantengu’s clones. Zohakuten, as a manifestation of Hantengu’s hatred, has many traits in common with Sekido. 

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Urami is revealed to be just as hypocritical and delusional as Zohakuten and Hantengu as the manifestation of Hantengu’s resentment. All these clones can use varying powers through Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art. While Urami’s skills are never mentioned in the series, the other six are tremendously strong. 

Hantengu is the demon’s main personality, therefore he uses varying emotions to manifest clones using the technique called “Emotion Manifestation.” Sekido uses “Electrokinesis,” the power to generate lightning from his weapon. Karaku uses “Aerokinesis,” the power to generate and manipulate powerful gusts of wind. 

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Aizetsu’s ability is “Spear Projection,” which allows him to project the thrusting attack of his Yari (Japanese Blade) over great distances. Urogi’s terrifying “Sonic Scream” allows him to generate powerful sound waves from his mouth. By tapping one of the numerous drums on his back, Zohakuten’s primary Blood Demon Art provides him with the ability to manipulate and transform wood from the vegetation in his surroundings.

Upper Moon Five Gyokko has the most bizarre abilities

An image of Upper Moon Five Gyokko that attacked the Swordsmith VillageCrunchyroll

The Upper Moon Five appears to be irritable, superficial, and egotistical, especially when it comes to his “art.” He has killed 15 Hashira in the past with the help of his unique Blood Demon Art, “Porcelain Vases.” As the name suggests, this ability revolves around the use of porcelain vases. 

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He can manifest them anywhere in his proximity and simultaneously produce several pots of various shapes and sizes. Gyokko’s pots have the ability to trap objects, including people. If the sealed object is too large, the pots can simply compress them to fit within.

Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art is notably themed on the water and aquatic lifeforms. His techniques are based on summoning non-sentient entities resembling fish from his pots. These fish monsters share similar abilities and characteristics. Some of them can shoot a barrage of toxic needles at Gyokko’s targets or leave harmful acid behind when they are killed.

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Gyokko can additionally summon enormous octopus tentacles from his vases to restrain or destroy his opponents. He also has the ability to manipulate and create water from his porcelain vases, which he utilises to suffocate his opponents by sealing them inside a hardened form of liquid.

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