Bird Box Barcelona cast: All actors and characters

Kayla Harrington
The core cast of Bird Box Barcelona

Ahead of the premiere of Netflix’s spin-off movie Bird Box Barcelona, here’s your guide to all of the cast and characters.

Netflix has decided to bring fans back into the world where no one can see in fear of being eaten by monsters thanks to its latest spin-off film, Bird Box Barcelona.

While the movie is not a direct sequel to 2018’s Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, its plot tells a parallel story about a group of survivors in Barcelona.

But, before you dive back into the world of blindfolds and staying silent, here’s your guide to the cast and characters of Bird Box Barcelona.


Bird Box Barcelona cast and characters

The official synopsis for Bird Box Barcelona reads: “A spin-off from the 2018 post-apocalyptic horror film Bird Box, the film follows a father (Casas) and daughter (Schuberth) and those they join up with to try and survive a dystopian future in which no-one survives looking at entities that have invaded and roam the earth.”

Sebastián: Mario Casas

Mario Casas as Sebastian in Bird Box Barcelona

Mario Casas plays Sebastián, a former engineer and one of the few survivors left in the desolate streets of Barcelona. He’s overly protective of his daughter, Anna, and will do anything to keep her safe. 

Casas also starred in the Netflix series The Innocent and rose to fame thanks to his role in the long-running Spanish series Los Hombres de Paco. 

Claire: Georgina Campbell

Georgina Campbell as Claire in Bird Box Barcelona

Georgina Campbell plays Claire, a psychiatrist who lived in England, but has since banded with a group of survivors camping out in an old bomb shelter. She’s fiercely protective of Sofia, who was separated from her mother when the city fell into chaos.

Campbell is best known for her role as Tess in Barbarian, but has also appeared in projects such as Broadchurch, Black Mirror, and His Dark Materials.

Sofia: Naila Schuberth

Naila Schuberth as Sofia in Bird Box Barcelona

Naila Schuberth plays Sofia. An eight-year-old German tourist, Sofia is now an orphan. Though no one else in this group of survivors can speak German, Claire takes Sofia under her wing and keeps her safe. 

Schuberth is a young actor who appeared in the shows Blackout and Gefährliche Nähe.

Padre Esteban: Leonardo Sbaraglia

Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Estaban in Bird Box Barcelona

Leonardo Sbaraglia plays Padre Esteban, a priest at Anna’s Catholic elementary school whose life is now dedicated to a more sinister purpose.

Sbaraglia is an award-winning actor, having won Goya awards for his performances in Pain and Glory and Intacto. He’s also known for his roles in Wild Tales and The Silence of the Sky. 

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