Beetlejuice 2 theories: Hawaii, weddings, & more

Kayla Harrington
Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice wears a striped suit in a graveyard in Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice 2 has announced its release date and some members of its cast, but there is no official plot synopsis. Here are a few theories of what the plot could be.

After 35 years of saying his name, everyone’s favorite chaotic and wild bio-exorcist Beetlejuice will be gracing the big screen once again.

Beetlejuice, a 1988 cult classic favorite directed by Tim Burton, has been the cornerstone of Halloween movie marathon for decades. While fans weren’t sure if they’d ever see the pin striped-suited devil once again, they finally received word that it’s slated to hit the big screen on September 6, 2024.

However, while the film has announced a release date and confirmed cast members at this moment, almost nothing is known about the film’s plot, as there have been numerous revisions to the sequel’s script over the years. So here are some theories about what Beetlejuice 2’s plot could be about.

Beetlejuice goes to Hawaii

After the success of his original film, Burton was itching to craft the perfect script for a sequel film. According to Inverse, Burton created an outline that was then turned into a 126 page script titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian by Jonathon Gems, whose best known as the writer of the film Mars Attacks!

When asked by Fangoria reporter Anthony C. Ferrante in 1997 to explain why a ghoulish figure like Beetlejuice would want to head to the beach, Gems said, “Tim thought it would be funny to match the surfing backdrop of a beach movie with some sort of German Expressionism, because they’re totally wrong together.”

Beetlejuice sits in a waiting room in Beetlejuice

The movie was announced in 1990s and would follow the Deeztes as they travelled to Hawaii to see Lydia’s father’s new construction project which was described as “a casino and resort located directly above the resting place of a sacred Hawaiian priest.” When ghostly spirits rise up to wreak havoc on Lydia’s parents, the teen then turns to Beetlejuice to save the day, which he does by winning a surfing contest.

Keaton and Ryder both signed onto the project, as did Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O’Hara, who play Lydia’s parents. Everyone seemed eager to begin shooting but, unfortunately, the project never got off the ground as Burton was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity: complete creative control over Batman Returns. As having free reign over such a beloved project is simply unheard of, Burton jumped ship over to Batman and took Keaton with him. And, with that, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian was never put on film.

Beetlejuice finds love

Another idea floated for a potential sequel plot would see Beetlejuice finding love in an unusual place. According to Ranker, the script was written by Beetlejuice’s original screenplay writer Warren Skaaren as he replaced the Deetzes with a brand new couple for the pin striped-suited devil to torment.

Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder stand side by side in Beetlejuice

Skaaren’s plot would follow Beetlejuice as he meets a man named Leo, who just recently perished. Leo met his tragic end after falling off the Eiffel Tower while proposing to his girlfriend, Julia. Once Leo enters the afterlife, Beetlejuice takes the opportunity to escape into the mortal world in order to romantically pursue Julia.

However, a week after Skaaren submitted his first draft of Beetlejuice in Love in July 1990, he went to the doctor complaining of back pain which turned out to be bone cancer. Unsurprisingly, Skaaren kept pushing back meetings about the film as he tried to pursue alternative treatments for his condition. Tragically, the writer would pass away five months later on December 28, 1990 and no more advancements were done on his scripts.

However again, turns out this plot could have some legs, as one cast member that’s been confirmed for the sequel is Monica Bellucci, who will be playing Beetlejuice’s currently unnamed wife.

Beetlejuice 2 could lean more into horror

There’s so many directions the 2023 sequel of Beetlejuice could take, especially looking back at some of the earlier versions of the script. The current sequel’s script has been written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who created on the Superman prequel show Smallville. The pair also worked with Burton previously as they created and wrote his Addams Family spin-off turned Netflix smash hit show Wednesday, which Ortega also starred in.

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Because Gough and Millar are attached to this project, along with Ortega, there’s a good chance that Beetlejuice 2 could lean more into the horror aspect than its 1988 predecessor did. Wednesday was darker than any Addams Family adaptation had ever been as it dealt with various murders mysteriously happening around Wednesday.

Plus, Ortega isn’t exactly a stranger to horror as she’s become Gen Z’s scream queen over the last few years. She has starred in horror movies such as The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Scream 5, X, and Scream 6. It wouldn’t be surprising if this trio, along with Burton, worked to make Beetlejuice a bit more horror-centric.

Beetlejuice 2 plot speculation – yet another wedding

As the original movie ended with Beetlejuice’s planned marriage to Lydia being foiled, the ghoulish figure could come back from the afterlife to seek revenge against her and plans on using Ortega as a pawn in his dark plans.

Or, much like her parents before her, Lydia could unwittingly stumble upon some ghosts in the house she lives in with her daughter and those ghosts could summon Beetlejuice to get rid of them, which would give him the opportunity to seek revenge. Or, as Ortega is known for playing darker characters, her role as Lydia’s daughter could see her channelling her mother’s love for the macabre and summoning Beetlejuice herself.

What we do know is that there’s seemingly going to be another wedding – there were numerous in the first film – as new set photos reveal Ryder and Ortega ins wedding ceremony attire.

There’s also been sightings of Ortega on set in dark clothing while riding a bike, so the theories about her running away from home and teaming up with Beetlejuice could be coming true.

Either way, with such a solid cast of actors, Beetlejuice 2 is sure to become an instant classic no matter what plot they choose to follow.

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