Ahsoka Episode 8 predictions: How will the finale end?

Cameron Frew
Thrawn in Ahsoka and AbelothDisney+/Lucasfilm

The end is near: Ahsoka Episode 8 will bring the Jedi’s first solo live-action story to an end, so these are our predictions for the finale.

Seven weeks ago, Dave Filoni’s cherished Togruta Jedi made her solo debut as the stories of The Clone Wars and Rebels finally came to live-action.

Over seven action-packed chapters, the series has followed Ahsoka and co.’s efforts to find Ezra Bridger while trying to prevent the cataclysmic return of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the known galaxy.

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Will he become the heir to the Empire, will Baylan find what’s been calling to him, and what will happen to Shin Hati? As the countdown to the finale begins, these are our top predictions for Ahsoka Episode 8.

Ahsoka Episode 8 finale predictions

Below, you’ll find five of our predictions for Ahsoka Episode 8. Some of them could happen, or none of them at all – hopefully, the force has been our ally when it comes to our judgment.

Shin joins the good guys

Shin Hati in AhsokaDisney+

Shin may hone the dark side of the Force, but she’s not a Sith, nor is she a Jedi. She’s a talented and fierce opponent, but reckless and too easily flustered, as seen in her bouts with Sabine and how easily she was dog-walked by Anakin and Ezra in Episode 7.

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Her master isn’t conflicted by the light; he’s clear-headed about his pursuit of something greater. But Shin is a young, lost apprentice, and in Episode 7, they parted ways, leaving her alone and suddenly unsure of herself. When she was confronted by Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine without any backup, Ahsoka offered to help… but she ran away.

So, here’s what could happen: she pursues Baylan after the fight against the Rebels, hoping to tag along with him on his journey to find… whatever it is he’s looking for. He rejects her, believing she’s too immature for the power he seeks, leaving her with three options: go it alone, attempt to ally herself with Thrawn and the Nightsisters – who seem to terrify her – or accept Ahsoka’s help.

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Thrawn returns to the galaxy

Grand Admiral Thrawn in AhsokaDisney+

This seems inevitable, given what’s on the horizon: Ahsoka will end with Thrawn winning by making it home to the known galaxy and probably destroying the New Republic’s Home One to declare his arrival.

He’s made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care about leaving anyone behind on Peridea, whether that’s Sabine, Ezra, Ahsoka, or the mercenaries carrying out his orders. As he pointed out in Episode 7, by keeping them all miles away, his troopers have nearly finished loading his starship, at which point they can leave the planet and journey back through the Eye of Sion.

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The question is: will anyone else make it home? Our bet would be that Huyang takes Ezra, Sabine, and possibly even Shin back inside the mouth of a purrgil after both Ezra and Ahsoka summon them with the Force… but what about Ahsoka?

Ahsoka is left behind… and finds the World Between Worlds

Rosario Dawson as AhsokaDisney+

Ahsoka seems destined to be stranded on Peridea – it’s just a matter of how.

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Perhaps Shin reveals to Ahsoka that Baylan is pursuing a power so great that it can’t be fully comprehended, so she stays behind to investigate and potentially stop it, or maybe holds off Thrawn’s forces so Ezra and Sabine can escape? There’s also a scenario where Ahsoka and Shin are left alone together on the planet; an atypical Jedi and a dark-side Force-wielder forced to team up in lieu of anyone else.

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Princess Leia cameo

Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher in Star WarsLucasfilm

Luke Skywalker made a surprise, de-aged appearance in The Mandalorian Season 2’s finale, a scene which felt like an instantly iconic moment in all of Star Wars. Given she’s been name-dropped throughout Ahsoka, Leia Organa turning up in person in a scene with Hera and/or Mon Mothma wouldn’t be a surprise.

But we have another prediction: it won’t be a CGI Carrie Fisher like in Rogue One, but her daughter Billie Lourd.

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Baylan sees Abeloth

Baylan SkollDisney+

This is the big one – and admittedly, the one we’re least confident in, but hear us out: Baylan is seeking a great power to break the “inevitable” cycle of the Jedi’s warring with the Empire, and it’ll bring him into contact with Abeloth.

When he arrives on Peridea, he describes his surroundings as “children’s stories come to life… some ancient past long forgotten” – and while there’s a lot of fairytales he could be referring, such as an ancient Zeffo known as Kujet, it could be Abeloth.

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The “Bringer of Chaos” was first introduced as the main antagonist of the nine-part Fate of the Jedi novel series. However, her roots can be found in The Clone Wars; more specifically the Ones, aka the Father, Son, and Daughter in Mortis who embody the light, dark, and balance in the Force, who Anakin and Ahsoka met in a key episode of the series. She was their Servant, eventually becoming the Mother who mended the relationship between the Daughter and Son.

However, it all went wrong when she took a sip from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge, transforming her into the immortal entity known as Abeloth. In later years, she isn’t seen at first – instead, her influence seeps into Jedi minds and draws them to the dark side.

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Given her connection to the Mortis arc and how it plays into Ahsoka’s story, it wouldn’t be too much of a reach to incorporate Abeloth – maybe she senses Baylan’s imbalance and attempts to manipulate him? He’s noticed how eager the Nightsisters are to leave Peridea – could it be that they’re trying to escape Abeloth’s mighty wrath?

Those are our predictions for the Ahsoka finale. Episodes 1-7 are available on Disney+ now, which you can sign up for here. You can check out our other coverage below:

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