Ahsoka Episode 8: Mortis Gods explained

Cameron Frew
The Father statue in Ahsoka Episode 8, one of the Mortis Gods, and a still of him from The Clone WarsDisney+

Ahsoka ends with Baylan standing in front of statues on Peridea resembling the famed Mortis Gods – here’s everything to know.

In our review of the finale, we said calling the eighth chapter a conclusion “would be generous; it’s all just been set up for the next thing, whether that’s a new season or Dave Filoni’s Star Wars movie.”

It primarily deals with Thrawn readying the Chimaera and Eye of Sion for his return to the main galaxy far, far away, while Ahsoka and her fellow rebels band together to try and stop him. You can read our breakdown of the ending here.

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In the closing scenes, however, we see Baylan atop a mountain on Peridea. He’s standing in front of two statues resembling the Father and the Son, two Mortis gods. Some Star Wars may be familiar with them, but others won’t be, so we’re going to give you an easy rundown on who they are.

Ahsoka: Who are the Mortis Gods?

A mural of the Mortis Gods, including the Daughter, Father, and SonDisney+

The Mortis Gods, also known as the Ones, embody the Force: the Father represents the balance, while the Son and Daughter represent the dark and light sides of the Force.

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They’re believed to be Celestials, ancient entities whose true nature defies understanding by mortals.

They first appeared in The Clone Wars series, residing on the planet Mortis, believed to be the origin point of the Force. The Father lured Anakin Skywalker there, along with Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, believing him to be the prophesized Chosen One who would destroy the Sith and have the strength to maintain the balance between the light and dark.

The Father asked Anakin to take his place and warned him of his inevitable future if he left Mortis. He refused, but before they could leave, the Son kidnapped Ahsoka. Later, the Son attempted to kill the Father, but the Daughter jumped in front of him and was fatally stabbed – however, the Daughter then used her powers to revive Ahsoka and transfer her life essence to her.

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Anakin was briefly seduced by the dark side via the Son, but the Father wiped his recent memory. They all fought the Son together, but as a last resort, the Father stabbed himself with the Dagger of Mortis, sacrificing himself and the planet for the good of the wider galaxy, and allowing Anakin to kill him.

It’s unclear who the Mortis Gods are now. Some have speculated that Anakin is the new Father, given his immense power and the fact he’s a Force ghost, and Baylan could be the Son and Ahsoka the Daughter (she even saw Morai in the finale, which bolsters this theory even more).

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Curiously, there are only two statues on Peridea: one of the Father and one of the Son, but the Daughter appears to have been worn away. Also, Baylan sees a light flashing in the distance on another mountain – could this be the gods’ monastery erected anew after the events of The Clone Wars? There’s plenty of questions, but we could be waiting a while for the answers.

You can find out more about Ahsoka Season 2 here, and in the meantime, stream the whole series on Disney Plus and check out our other coverage below:

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